DIY Christmas Decorations

I’ve been getting very crafty this Christmas season and I thought I would share with you some of the festive decorations that I’ve been making. First up, I modelled my own tree decorations using a really cool and unique bakeable silicone putty called Nutty Putty. The putty itself is non-drying, non-toxic and antibacterial. Once you have finished making your creations, you bake them in the oven for 10 minutes to turn them into pliable and glossy rubbery models.

To make the four tree decorations above, I used the Nutty Putty Six Colour Set (£15 from Hobbycraft) and an individual glow-in-the-dark putty (£1.75 from Hobbycraft). The set contains six colours of putty (red, white, black, yellow, blue and pink), cutters and shaping tools, a playmat and a baking sheet. To make the candy cane, I rolled some white and some red putty into long worm-like pieces and then twisted them together. I then made a small hole at the top so that I could put string through later.

I also made a cute Christmas stocking and angel by layering different colours and shapes of Nutty Putty on top of each other. I also made a hole for string in each of these and I used the glow-in-the-dark putty for the details on the angel’s dress.

Finally I made a little Christmas star (albeit a slightly wonky one) and after it had baked and cooled down, I painted some clear gold glitter paint on top. As well as Nutty Putty, I also got crafty with some plain sheets of coloured card too.

DIY Christmas Angel

Viking asked me to take part in their Christmas Stationery Craft Challenge and create a Christmas decoration out of something you would find in an office. Viking sell a bumper pack of coloured card for £8.29 and I used a couple of the pastel pink sheets to make my angel ornament. They also sell some fabulous glitter (six big tubs for £27.99) and what is an angel without glitter?!

To make the angel’s body and wings, I used two whole sheets of pink card. With one I folded it up in a horizontal zig-zag concertina, taped the middle and spread out at the ends into fan shapes to be her wings.

To make her skirt and body, I did the same concertina folds but vertically this time. I then cut a third of the folded strip off, taped the end and fanned out the other end to make a pleated skirt.

To join the two sections together, I made a slit in the taped section of the wings so that I could slot them over the taped section at the top of the body. I popped a little ball of cotton wool on for her head (or you could use white tissue paper from Viking and scrunch it into a ball) and I added a little gold star for her hailo. I also used some glue and gold glitter to make her sparkle. You, however, can decorate her however you choose.

Have you been making any crafts this holiday season?

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