DIY Christmas Crackers

Crackers are so easy to buy, but it’s much more fun to make your own and put your own treats inside, even if they don’t pull with a bang! I teamed up with Prestigious Textiles to make their Day 15 advent craft- crackers. They are a fabric and wallcoverings retailer that has a fantastic range of festive fabric, and I used two of their designs to make my crackers. I also had a go at some of their other crafts that other bloggers covered on previous days, and I’ll be sharing these on my Instagram.

To make the crackers, you will need: fabric, brown paper, ribbon, glue, cardboard, scissors and sellotape. First, cut a length of card as long as you want yur crackers to be, roll it up into a tube about the width of a wrapping paper roll and sellotape it.

Next, cut some brown paper that is double the length of your cardboard cracker, place the cracker roll in the middle of it and roll the paper around it and glue down the edge. You should have a good amount of paper at each end that you can twist to make the pulling ends. Pop your gifts in the tubes, and get twisting those ends.

Now you need to cut a section of fabric that you can wrap around the middle. It’s still nice to see some of the rustic brown paper, so don’t make the fabric too wide. If your cutting skills aren’t the best, you can quickly ‘hem’ the fabric edges with glue by sticking them down at the bag to create a neater finish. Wrap this around the cracker and stick down the edge with glue.

To finish your cracker off, tie some ribbon at the ends of it, and cut out a brown paper design (such as a heart or a snowflake) to stick in the middle. Now you have some fabulous handmade creations to decorate your table with. Will you be trying this craft?

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