Montagne Jeunesse Brazilian Mud Fabric Mask

Oh dear, another disappointing mask for you this week. To be honest, this one is so cheap that I didn’t expect much anyway, but from the photo on the front I expected the form of the mask to be unique and interestng to use. It wasn’t- it’s just a bog-standard sheet mask.

The Montagne Jeunesse Brazilian Mud Fabric Mask (£0.73p from www.boots.com) is cooling and smells deliciously of berries; but in terms of results, it does absolutely nothing. Literally, I may as well not have put it on at all. I think this is what I would expect anyway from a mask that is less that £1. If you just want to go through the pampering ritual of putting on a mask and lying back for a while, and you don’t have much of a budget, then this would be fine; but I like to be able to see immediate results from face masks and this gave me nothing.

Montagne Jeunesse Brazilian Mud Fabric Mask on Face

Also, like nearly every sheet face mask I’ve tried, it is cut way too big for any normal person’s face; so I had to fold sections over. The mask is damp and soaked in a wet clay formulation, and it doesn’t dry or harden like a lot of clay masks do. Once you’ve had it on for 15 minutes, you’re supposed to massage in the residue (there wasn’t any) and then rinse off. It’s supposed to cleanse and unclog your pores, but my skin didn’t feel any different than it normally would after a wash.

I have another couple of masks from this budget brand in my stash, but I’m not holding out much hope for them. Have you tried any that you’ve liked? Also, yes, my hair is blonde in this photo- it’s for a really interesting feature that you’ll be able to read when it comes out.

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