Monday, 31 August 2015


As you may know if you are a regular reader of my blog, I've been on a diet and have been taking up more exercise in order to loose some of the excess (and dangerous) weight I am carrying, especially around my stomach area. I will never be thin, in fact, I like being curvy; but there are health risks to carrying a lot of weight around your middle, and I would prefer for my own body to tone up my waist area and to be at least a size 16 instead of my current size 18.

I got some new workout clothing from New Look and I love them. I am especially impressed with their Dark Grey Contrast Panel Sports Cropped Gym Leggings (£14.99 from New Look Sport) as the quality of these is amazing. The fabric is very soft and a lot thicker than I expected for such a budget price. They are perfect for all types of exercise from running to yoga, and have an attractive sky blue contrast panel on each of the hips too.

I also got a cute motivational purple sports vest top that says "Believe. Achieve" (£8.99). I like to wear this over a plain tight t-shirt as I prefer to be a bit more covered up when exercising. The material of this is very soft and light. It doesn't cling to you when you get sweaty, and is a bright and cheerful colour.

Lastly, I picked up these Grey Stretch Yoga Pumps (£14.99). I wouldn't recommend you wear them outside like I did (it was just so that you could see the whole outfit together), as they are very thin and meant for no terrain harsher than a yoga mat. They have a handy flexible sole to make all yoga positions easy, and provide great grip.

Have you tried any of New Look's sportswear before?

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I have another great giveaway for you. One of my readers will win all three of these Nars products from their new Fall 2015 collection, worth £61- their limited Semi Matte Lipstick in shade VIP Red, their Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in shade Telesto and their Velvet Shadow Stick in shade Sukhothai.

All you need to do to enter is follow the Rafflecopter instructions below. The giveaway is open worldwide, and will end on Friday 25th September at 11.59PM.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

These items were gifted to me by House of Fraser, and I have chosen to gift them to my lovely readers instead.

Friday, 28 August 2015


Urban Decay Brow Products

Part of Urban Decay's new Fall 2015 releases are some new conditioning brow products for the UK- the Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel (£15 from Urban Decay) and the Brow Beater Microfine Brow Beater & Brush (£15). I've been trying them out for the past couple of weeks, and am impressed by these new additions to their line-up.

Top: Dark Brow Tamer, Dark Brow Beater
Bottom: Taupe Brow Tamer, Taupe Brow Beater

Urban Decay Brow Tamer

They are bringing out the Brow Tamer gel in Clear, along with four tinted shades- Taupe for light brows and three varying degrees of brown for the darker brows- Neutral Brown, Warm Brown & Dark. I was sent the Taupe and the Dark to swatch and try out. These definitely tame your brows well, and hold them in place all day. The Clear is my favourite, as I found that the colour fades dramatically with the tinted shades after a few hours. If you are wearing the tinted shades on top of the Brow Beater pencil, then that's not a problem; but they don't provide a long-lasting tint on their own for me. The formula of the Brow Tamer Gels is very light. It doesn't make my brow hairs go stiff and crispy; which is my bugbear about some other brand's brow gels.

Urban Decay Brow Beater

Urban Decay Brow Beater Brush

The Brow Beater pencil also comes in these four shades and has a handy spoolie brush on the end of each too. The pencil end of these has an incredibly small point, which allows for complete preciseness during application. The formula of these pencils is waterproof but is very hard- you have to really press down on your skin to get colour pay-off. At first I wasn't keen on this, preferring creamier options; but the more I used it, I realised that it is actually very beneficial in stopping you from overdoing it when filling in your brows. It makes you work more slowly and with more thought.

Do you like the look of these?

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Sleek MakeUP Nautical Collection

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you'll know that I am a huge fan of high-street make-up brand Sleek MakeUP. This budget, but very high-quality brand produces amazing products. I just couldn't live without their lipsticks, blushers and eyeshadows. All of them are so pigmented and have great formulas.

One of their latest releases is the limited edition Nautical Collection. These are definitely Summer products full of eye-catching and bright shades. The collection consists of a True Colour lipstick in shade Reddy To Sail (£4.99), a Blush by 3 palette in Santa Marina (£10) and an I-Divine Eyeshadow palette in Calm Before The Storm (£7.99). You can purchase these separately, or all together for £19.99.

Sleek I-Divine Calm Before The Storm

Sleek Nautical Collection Eyeshadow Palette

With a sea theme to the collection, you would expect the eyeshadow shades to be mainly blues; which they are. Lots of people would be quite intimidated by some of the very bright shades in this palette, or just by blue eyeshadow in general; but there are so many ways you can use them, I urge you to try them out and not be scared. If you don't want to wear a shade all over your lid, these work great as eyeliners. I love the very intense shades such as Pacific and Amphitrite on my lower lash line.

Some of the shades in this palette aren't as pigmented as others. The nude and taupe shades take a little more layering to really pack a punch and they aren't as creamy in texture as Sleek's eyeshadows normally are. There is a good mixture of matte and shimmer shades however, and you can create some really unique looks as well as more muted ones.

Sleek MakeUP Reddy To Set Sail Lipstick

Sleek MakeUP Reddy To Set Sail Lipstick Swatch

The lipstick is in a gorgeous coral-red shade. It's semi-matte, so you don't get lots of shine but still get to keep the moisture factor. It is extremely pigmented and feels very light on the lips. It also contains moisturising Vitamin E to keep your lips looking soft and smooth.

Sleek Blush By 3 palette in Santa Marina

Sleek Blush By 3 palette in Santa Marina Swatches

Finally in the collection, the blush palette contains shades that would work with all skin colours and tones; albeit some better than others. With my very pale skin, I find that the middle matte shade doesn't do anything for me as it just disappears into my skin tone; but I love the other two shades. The shimmery coral at the end is a great Summer day-time blusher, and the shimmery berry-toned blush is a great way to darken things up for night-time.

What do you think of this collection? Will you be snapping it up before it disappears? 

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015


AHAVA Dead Sea Salt Spa Collection

I've been really enjoying using this AHAVA Dead Sea Salt Spa Collection (£33.99) from their official AHAVA eBay store recently. AHAVA is a skincare brand that utilises active dead sea minerals in its products. It was founded in 1988 in Israel and still has its base there, right next to the Dead Sea. AHAVA is quite a difficult brand to get hold of in the UK, so having the ease of an eBay store with free postage is great.

The Dead Sea Salt Spa Collection contains their Moisturising Salt Soap, Liquid Dead Sea Salt, Softening Butter Salt Scrub and their Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts. All of these products are free from Parabens, not tested on animals, are allergy tested and are good for sensitive skin. They are heavily fragranced, which some people may not like, but to me they smell very 'spa-like', which I love.

AHAVA Softening Butter Salt Scrub

My favourite of the products in the set is the Softening Butter Salt Scrub. This feels so luxurious,and is really enjoyable to use. It has a thick buttery texture, and is quite a harsh scrub. It leaves a pleasant moisturising, oily layer on your skin after towel-drying which makes your skin feel so soft and smooth. 

AHAVA Liquid Dead Sea Salt

You can add the Liquid Dead Sea Salt to your bath water the same as you would with the Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts. Bathing in Dead Sea salts has lots of health and skincare benefits. The Dead Sea has a much higher salt content than normal sea water, and a lot less sodium. The salts contained in water from the Dead Sea are magnesium, calcium, potassium, chloride and bromides. Magnesium is great at combating fluid retention and has good anti-ageing benefits. Calcium helps to increase circulation, and potassium balances skin moisture levels. Bathing in dead sea salts is also great at relieving muscle pain and helping ease skin conditions such as Eczema.

Have you tried any AHAVA products before?

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Monday, 24 August 2015


Primark Haul

It's a long time since I went into Primark's home and lifestyle departments, so I decided to pay my largest nearby store a visit to see what they had to offer, and what random bits and pieces I could find to add to my basket. 

Gabriella Velvetgh0st Primark Lights

What spurred me on to visit is that I knew that YouTuber Gabriella Lindley's (Velvetgh0st's) new bedding and homeware collection for Primark had just launched. The line looks so cute, but unfortunately, they didn't have the cat whisker glasses that I wanted, so I ended up picking up the copper glitter-dipped fairy lights (£6) in consolation. They are really pretty; but boy do I want those glasses still!

I also got myself a bright wire 'hello' speech bubble sign (£2) to go above my desk at home, and a plastic soda bottle (£3) with built in straw to make my Diet Coke habit more fun and Instagram-able.

When I went to browse in the pyjama section, I couldn't resist these 'Tweet Me' pyjama bottoms (£3 reduced). Basically, working from home as a journalist and blogger, I live in loungewear; so these are perfectly themed for me. I also got a little leather-look pouch (£3) that i'm going to use as a phone case. It looks a lot more expensive than it is, and fits my very large HTC One very well.

Finally, down in the beauty section on my way to the tills, I was intrigued by their budget facial cleansing pad (£1.50). I have a proper electronic cleansing brush at home, but this one looked perfect for overnight stays away. I've been using it recently to test it out, and I actually really like it. It doesn't work nearly as well as a proper facial brush, but it gives a better cleanse that just using your fingers and feels very soft and pleasant to use. It also has a handy sucker to stick it onto your bathroom tiles with. I'm definitely going to head back into Primark to pick up some spares of this. I also picked up some bendy rollers (£1) to see how they work since my hair is so long now. I haven't used these yet, but think they'll be good at adding some waves to the front of my hair.

Have you found anything interesting in Primark lately?

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T.G.I Fridays Strawberry Daiquiri

Last week I attended such a unique and fun blogger event. I love it when PRs put a lot of effort into doing something original. To celebrate the fantastic dining options at Glasgow's Silverburn shopping centre (such as T.G.I Fridays, Five Guys, Carluccio's, Zizzi, Wagamama and Gourmet Burger Kitchen) I went for a Blogger Safari Supper lunch with a group of fellow bloggers.

T.G.I Fridays Silverburn

As the event name suggests however, this was no ordinary lunch- we went to a different restaurant for each course. I wish it was as easy to do this is real life as it was so much fun getting to try so many different places in one meal. To start off with, we had drinks at T.G.I Fridays. They make the best cocktails and I had their amazing frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. 

Next, we went to world buffet restaurant Cosmo for our starter course. They have an amazing selection of dishes from around the world, but specialise in Pan-Asian cuisine. They steam fresh Dim Sum, which is amazing. They also roll their own fresh sushi, as well as serving all my buffet favourites such as pizza, curry, spring rolls and battered prawns. I was really surprised by how much choice they have- it really justifies their 20+ chefs working at any one time! Branches of Cosmo are all over the UK, so I definitely recommend that you seek one out immediately.

Wagamama Silverburn

Wagamama Chicken Katsu Curry

For our main course we headed to Wagamama. I do love a Wagamama meal (who doesn't love Wagamama?!). I could have taken this opportunity to be more adventurous in my ordering, but I went for my favourite and usual dish- Chicken Katsu Curry. It was delicious as always. No matter what Wagamama branch I am in (whether it's London, Glasgow or anywhere in-between) the food has always been superb quality and extremely fresh.

Finally, we visited Silverburn's Pret a Manger, where we had a tour of their kitchen and saw how all their sandwiches are freshly prepared on the premises each day. We then settled down, with very full stomachs, for some coffee and light cakes as dessert. I have fallen in love with their Coconut Macaroons, and can't wait until I can pick up another bag.

This was such a fun afternoon full of eating and great conversation. I have another blogger lunch this week too- you can't beat sitting down with friends over food.

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Friday, 21 August 2015


Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette

This is such a beautiful highlighting palette from Sleek MakeUP for a real bargain price (£9.99 from Superdrug). You get four shades- three creams and one powder.

In the palette is a cream white-silver shade ('Platinum') that is great for inner eye and brow-bone highlighting, a cream dark gold shade ('Royal Gold') and a cream light gold shade ('Renaissance Gold') which look great on cheekbones. There is also the powder shade 'Antique Bronze'; which if used very lightly can give a great overall glow to tanned skin. This final shade also works well as a bronze eyeshadow too.

Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette Packaging

Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette Swatches

Both the cream and powder formulas are very soft, buttery and blendable. The brush that comes with them is useless though. Just use your fingers for the cream shades, and a large Kabuki-style brush for the powder shade and you'll be good to go.

There is definitely something for everyone here, whatever your skin tone. I have very pale skin like Snow White, so luckily, I can find a use for all of the colours.

Have you tried this Sleek MakeUP palette?

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Thursday, 20 August 2015


Nails Inc NailBright NailKale Bottles

Nails Inc have released two new polishes in their NailKale range, and I've been loving them. The NailBright NailKale shades are all about taking care of your nails inside and out.

Infused with bee pollen, they help your nails to glow and look healthy as bee-collected pollen is full of protein, vitamins and folic acid. These polishes also contain kale extract, which is an anti-oxident to protect and strengthen the nail. All of the polishes in the Nails Inc NailKale range also have Nails Inc's exclusive Regenerating Complex- a blend of Zinc, Calcium and Aldehyde, which together, boost keratin production to make your nails stronger.

Nails Inc NailBright NailKale Knightsbridge Mews Bottle

Nails Inc NailBright NailKale Chelsea Embankment Mews Bottle

Both of the NailBright NailKale shades- Knightsbridge Mews (peach) and Chelsea Embankment Mews (pink) sit somewhere between glossy and matte on the shine spectrum. You don't get much shine from them at all; but what you do get (that is unique to these polishes) is a stunning pearlescent finish that makes your nails look bright and glow from within.

Nails Inc NailBright NailKale Shades Swatches

Nails Inc NailBright NailKale Shades Swatches

You can apply them on their own with one or two coats to add a very subtle wash to your nails, or you can pop them on top of another polish for a pretty pearl-effect finish. I've also tried really layering layers of these (4 or 5 coats) to get an opaque look, and if you have patience, it works and lasts really well. In the swatches I've layered 4 coats so you can get an idea of the colour, as they were almost invisible on camera.

If you like having bare nails, or aren't allowed to wear nail polish, these will add a very discreet like something to them whilst caring for them too. You can purchase both of the shades from for £14 each.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Top Workout Tunes

I've switched up my workout and exercise regime lately so that I can do it all at home. I bought a stepper machine, and use this daily for 30-40 minutes which burns around 250 calories according to the screen on the machine. I also do yoga at home, and sometimes aerobics. To use my stepper machine and do my aerobics routines, my brain requires stimulus. When I'm on the machine, I watch YouTube videos from the likes of Fleur de Force, Tanya Burr and Zoella. However, when I'm doing aerobics, some seriously motivating and thumping tunes is what I need to keep going. I thought I'd share my top 3 workout tunes, in the hope that they help you too...

Uptown Funk, Bruno Mars
Starships, Nicki Minaj
Walk This Way, Girls Aloud & Sugababes

Fitness Gadgets

I also have my eye on some gadgets and audio equipment that will help me to keep up my new at-home exercise programme. I need to invest in some quality speakers, as playing music from my laptop or phone speakers doesn't cut it. These Panasonic wireless speakers (ALL70T), look so sleek and almost invisible. They have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to playback all your favourite track lists too. I also want to get myself a fitness tracker watch so that I can get a completely accurate picture of calories burned. I like the look of the Fitbit Charge HR as it looks very discreet. It also seems to give consistent results, with these results being more accurate than those produced by a lot of other fitness trackers. Finally, drinking enough water is a serious problem for me- I basically just don't do it, favouring Diet Coke. I want this cool HYDRACOACH Intelligent Water Bottle. It basically tells you on a screen how much you should be drinking, and have drunk that day. Seeing a target written down like that should inspire me to consume more.

What are your fitness motivations?

This post is in collaboration with Panasonic. All opinions are my own.

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Photo Credit: Outdoor yoga via photopin (license)



Last month, I added some femfresh products to my everyday body cleansing regime. femfresh is a range of intimate skin care products for women's intimate area- yes, our 'front bottoms'. Our intimate area has a lower pH level to the skin on the rest of our body, so we should really be using something that is specially formulated to protect that.

I've been using the femfresh Everyday Care Daily Gel Wash (£2.99 at Boots) in the shower and bath, and have had a handy pack of the Everyday Care Freshening & Soothing Cloths by the toilet and in my handbag. 

Femfresh Everyday Care Daily Gel Wash

The Everyday Care Daily Gel Wash is so gentle and cooling. It makes my intimate area feel very fresh, and I know that it is caring for the delicate skin there as it's soap-free, hypoallergenic and contains soothing aloe vera. You can use it on your whole body as a shower gel if you want (it has a very light floral scent); but I prefer to use my regular body-cleaning favourites on my body. At the moment, I am loving the This Works Deep Sleep Shower Gel (£15 at Boots)- it's great for getting to sleep at night or just to de-stress at the start of a busy day. It smells amazing and is packed full of relaxing aromatherapy oils.

Femfresh Everyday Care Freshening & Soothing Cloths

The femfresh Everyday Care Freshening & Soothing Cloths (£3.20 for 25 at Boots) have been a god-send to my daily toilet visits. Without being too 'TMI', we all know what it feels like to not feel clean down there after going to the toilet or during your period. Toilet roll just doesn't cut it sometimes. These wipes are great for freshening up and feeling confident. I wish that they were flushable, but they're not; so you need to just pop them in a sanitary bin after use.

To find out more about the different products in the femfresh range, visit their official site, You need this brand in your life!

This is a sponsored post with femfresh - for more information, visit here. All opinions in this post are my own.

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