Sephora Lingzhi Sheet Face Mask

I have said what I fan I am of Sephora’s sheet face masks already on this blog, when I reviewed most of them here last year. However, one from the line-up that I hadn’t tried was the Lingzhi mask ($6). I don’t know how this escaped my basket, but it did. I bought a few in an epic Sephora order last month and got it shipped to the UK, and then my friend Kate in California sent me this mask too. I’m so sad that I waited this long to try it as it is definitely my favourite from the Sephora sheet mask range.

Like all sheet masks, they come sealed in individual pouches. The Sephora ones are especially tricky to unfold, so take a moment to think it through before you dive right in and tear it. Once you have it unravelled, it looks just like a bog-standard fibre sheet mask- there are no surprises here. Make sure that you smooth it over your whole face and into any creases. You leave it on for 15-20 minutes then massage the residue into your skin.

The Sephora fibre sheet face masks are unscented and are all very cooling and refreshing. I like to keep mine in the fridge for an extra treat. This Lingzhi mask is the anti-aging one from the line. It contains natural lingzhi extract that really plumps and smooths the skin and makes it look really healthy. My skin also glows after using this mask from the radiance-boosting brocolli extract it contains. This is defintitely a perfect way to get an instant skin boost that will make your skin look young and the picture of health.

Have you tried any of the Sephora sheet masks before?

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