Mojito Cocktail

Next month I need to help plan a hen party for one of my friends. Neither she nor I are interested in any penis-shaped cake escapades, so it will need to be something different from, and calmer than, the traditional knees-up. I’ve been scouring Pinterest and even toyed with the idea of organising a trip away, so I wanted to share some of my ideas with you in-case you find yourself in a similar predicament.

I think it’s most likely that we will book a cottage for the weekend, so it’s just a case of finding fun ways to keep ourselves occupied. Pinterest has been great for at-home entertaining and party ideas and I’ve got so many good game ideas from the Expedia Hen Hub. I really like the sound of their game Oh No She Didn’t!- where everyone writes something shocking about themselves on a piece of paper and we have to match the fact to the person. I also love their more tastier version of apple bobbing- ‘Buried Berries’- where everyone gets an equal amount of berries buried in a bowl of whipped cream, and the first person to find and eat all their berries without using their hands wins.

Pinterest Movie Night Ideas

In terms of a theme for the main night, I love some of the ideas I’ve found on Pinterest. I think it would be really fun to set up a movie theatre with tickets, popcorn buckets, a make your own ice-cream sundae bar and some girly rom-coms. A make your own Pick ‘n’ Mix sweet bar could be really cool and easily put together too.

Do you think this sounds like fun?

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Image Credit: Viktor Hanacek/Pic Jumbo