I’ve been struggling with dry and tired eyes a lot recently- it’s all this writing and staring at screens that’s doing it. I also went shopping with my husband for contact lenses earlier this week and found out what a common problem it is. He suffers from it too and now it’s even more important than ever that he takes care of his eyes as contact lenses can cause irritation and discomfort if you don’t. My eyes are definitely my best feature, so I thought I’d put together a guide on how to keep your eyes bright, sparkling and healthy whether you wear contact lenses or not.

Eye Health

Keep Your Contact Lenses Clean

If you wear
contact lenses that aren’t diposable, you’ll need to keep them clean to
avoid bacteria getting into your eyes. My husband has multifocus
disposable ones from Vision Direct
(around £38 per month) which require less care as he just throws them
away at the end of each day. Whatever lenses you wear, you should always
handle them wth clean freshly-washed hands. Your optician will tell you
what cleaners and solutions you need for your particular lenses if you
don’t opt for disposable ones, and always remember to rinse your lens’
case everyday too.

Rinse With Cold Water

If your eyes are dry and tired, especially first thing in the morning, splash them with some refreshing and cleansing cold water then pat dry with a clean towel. If you have contact lenses, take them out before doing this.

Always Remove Eye Makeup

Make sure that you remove all traces of eye makeup before you go to bed. Do this with an effective waterproof eye makeup remover on a cotton pad. You can get my favourite Vichy Purete Thermale Eye Makeup Remover from Feel Unique for £11. Press the soaked cotton pad over the eye area for several seconds, then gently wipe. Remember that the skin around your eyes is especially sensitive and doesn’t like to be rubbed vigourously.

Eye Health

Take Regular Tech Breaks  

If you spend hours in-front of a computer screen every day, make sure that you take regular breaks to give your eyes a rest. I’ve started taking just five minutes every hour to give them a break.

Try Some Drops

If you get very dry eyes, drops can be really relieving- especially if you work in an air-conditioned office as this can agravate the dryness. There is a wide variety available, but I love the Optrex Refreshing Eye Drops For Tired Eyes (£3.99 from Optrex).

Chill Your Eye Gel

I got a fridge for my bedroom for Christmas from my husband to keep my skincare in, and having things like my eye cream and gel chilled has been so revitalising for my eyes. I use a moisturising anti-wrinkle eye cream for the area around my eyes, but I also always reach for my chilled Green Tea Refreshing Eye Cooling Gel (£3.50) from Arran Aromatics now when my eyes are tired. It is so cooling and refreshing and instantly wakes me up.

Art Image Credit: Beautiful Eyes by nikusz88 via Creative Commons 3.0 License

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