Laura Pearson-Smith Hair Colour Changes

If you’ve been following me on Instagram over the last couple of months, you’ll have noticed that my normal dark brunette hair has been through quite a few colour changes. As you may know, as well as running this blog, I am also a freelane fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle journalist.

Mail Online Laura Pearson-Smith Rainbow Hair

In early December, the Daily Mail’s Mail Online site commissioned me to write a tutorial article on turning my brown hair into a multi-coloured rainbow. You can read my article here. I surprisingly really loved how my hair turned out, and it made me want to always have some colour in my hair style.

However, when the dyes started to fade and bleed together in a muddy-looking way, I made the mistake of bleaching it again instead of just letting the colours disappear naturally. This bleaching completely destroyed my hair and it was snapping off in clumps- brushfuls of it. The bleach also didn’t manage to remove the blue sections of my hair, so I was left with straw-like blonde hair with blue stripes. I didn’t go out much, but when I did, I styled it out with blue headbands and blue eye makeup to make it look like my hair design was on purpose. When I was at home, it had a hair conditioning mask in it constantly.

Aveda Full Spectrum Hair Colour 

Then the brown roots started to grow in and it just looked atrocious. It was time to visit a salon and let a professional deal with it. I went to Aveda salon James Dun’s House in Glasgow to see their Senior Stylist Christine. She blocked off a whole afternoon in her diary and got to work on rescuing the mess that was my hair. I was in the salon for over four hours. My hair had to be bleached again to try to get rid of the blue that was still hanging around, and then a semi-permanent brown dye had to be put on as a base, before a permanent brown dye and foils to create petrol blue ends were applied.  I’m so glad I had this done at James Dun’s House as Aveda Full Spectrum hair colours are 96% natural and are basically damage free. I needed to fix my hair but there’s no way it could have taken any more trauma.

My article for the Daily Mail really made me more adventurous in my style. I love how my new hair fades from brown into blue, and can’t wait to experiment with different coloured ends.

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