Decorating Easter Cupcakes

It’s not Easter Sunday until tomorrow, so there’s still time to knock out some Easter cupcakes, either for yourself to gorge on or as cute little gifts for family and friends. I made some yesterday and decorated them in two spring designs.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Mini Eggs

Cake Decorating Icing

I used a pre-prepared cake mix (I’m no baker, as you can see from my runny attempt at buttercream icing) to make a batch of twelve chocolate cupcakes. I also gathered together an array of icings, chocolate decorations and sprinkles to create my two chosen designs.

Creme Egg Cupcakes

The first lot of cupcakes I made were Creme Egg ones. I covered the cake with buttercream (sadly not the best buttercream I’ve ever produced) then covered this by winding long thin rolled ‘worms’ of yellow fondant icing over the top, to resemble the egg’s filling. I then sliced open a Creme Egg and placed a piece on top of each cake. Finally, I swirled some white and yellow icing all over the top.

Easter Cupcakes

Next I made some Mini Egg cupcakes. Over the top of the buttercream, I sprinkled edible green powder quite liberally to resemble grass, then lay on some Cadbury Mini Eggs and Galaxy Golden Eggs.

T2 Morrocan Tealeidoscope Iced Tall Blue Cup & Saucer

After creating all of the cupcakes, I sat down to eat one with a cup of tea in my new T2 teacup. Their designs are so beautiful and the one I got is the Morrocan Tealeidoscope Iced Tall Blue Cup & Saucer (£25 from T2 Tea), as I’m trying to get into drinking tea and trying different flavours.

Are you going to be trying to re-create any of these Easter cupcake designs?

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