DIY Planner Paperclips

Ribbon Paperclips DIY

If you’ve been reading this blog or following me on social media for more than a day, you’ll know about my immense love for stationery and planners. Ribbon and felt planner paperclips can be really expensive on sites like Etsy, so I bought some large gold clips and some pretty ribbon to make my own.

Make your own planner paperclips

How to make planner paperclips

There’s a particular knack to tying the ribbon onto the paperclips- you need to lay your paperclip down flat, with the smallest loop to the front. Next, lay your ribbon across the top and take each end under the paperclip and through it to the front. You can do this with lots of pieces of ribbon at once to create a pretty spray of colour.

Felt Paperclip DIY

felt heart paperclip

I also cut a few hearts off of the end of some felt garlands. These have two hearts sandwiched together and sewn in the middle, but you can easily lift one up like a flap at the bottom. I spread some Pritt Stick quite generously under there, stuck in the top of the paperclip and sandwiched the two hearts back together. They look really cute and work great.

Are you going to try to make these?

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