ChinUp Mask

ChinUp Mask Review

ChinUp Mask* calls itself a 30-minute non-surgical face lift and I must admit I was skeptical. It promises to take 2cm+ off of your jawline and believe it or not, it actually does. I tested it out and it really does work!

Non-Surgical Face Lift

ChinUp Mask Instructions

ChinUp Mask is a skin firming and contouring mask for the chin area. It comes in two parts that need to be worn together- a fabric sheet mask and a chin strap. You place the sheet mask on the chin and upper neck area, then hold it tightly in place with the neoprene chin velcro chin strap that has a hole for your chin and ears. Make sure that before you do this, you measure your jawline from earlobe to earlobe under your chin.

ChinUp Mask Results
Before and After

It works by increasing blood circulation, lifting and firming the skin, hydrating and moisturising the skin and reducing fat (I’m not sure I believe this last one as the effects of this treatment are only temporary- no longer than a day). The truth is though, you do see immediate results from these masks- my jawline looked, felt and measured tighter. This would be a great mask to use before a big night out. I measured my jawline as just over 22cm before using the mask. Afterwards, it measured 20cm.

This isn’t a comfortable product to wear- the strap is tight and you do feel quite a bit of heat and tingling from the mask doing its work. In the first ten minutes, I didn’t think I’d be able to keep it on for the full thirty minutes, but the discomfort died down quite quickly after this. The solution that the sheet mask is soaked in natural ingredients such as fruit extract. There are four key active ingredients- Vitamin E (an antioxident that improves elasticity and smoothness), Corum 9235 (a warming agent that stimulates the absorbtion of serum and “promotes the losing of chin fat”), Q10 Coenzyme (an antioxident that promotes anti-aging, strengthens cells, combats dry skin and promotes the regeneration of skin) and Skintronics (their own trademarked technology which facilitates fat release and “converts fat into stabilised fibrous tissue”, eases the edema of the chin area and boosts the density of collagen to cause instant lifting and firming).

Their trial pack, which I used, contains two masks, the chin strap and a paper measuring tape and it’s available for £19.99 on their website.

*This post contains a press sample, but I was under no obligation to feature it and all opinions are my own.

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