When Snow Magic Face Mask

There are few things better than an amazing sheet mask, but unfortunately, they are hard to find. The When Snow Magic Mask ($7 from Sephora) is another let down for me I’m afraid. In 2015 it was in US Elle’s list of Top 5 Sheet Masks, so I had high hopes; but I was impressed at all.

It is designed to be a brightening mask (to add radiance to dull skin) and a moisture mask, however it did absolutely nothing to me. It has Aloe Vera Leaf and Arbutin extracts in it to increase skin’s moisture levels, Hyaluronic Acid to increase hydration levels and Niacinamide which brightens skin, adds moisture and helps stop hyperpigmentation. It also has Ginseng extract which is supposed to maintain healthy looking skin by being an anti-oxident, anti-inflammatory and collagen production booster. However, I wore it for the recommended time of 30 minutes and noticed absolutely nothing.

It’s not even that pleasant a mask to use, as applying it to your face is such a faff. If you opt to try this one, do not apply it according to the directions! This is no ordinary sheet mask- instead of the usual fibre format, this is very much like jelly. It’s made from coconuts and is said to be gentle enough to be worn by burns victims. It is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear but it is such a pain to actually get onto your skin. The directions ask you to peel off the two outer film coverings before laying the mask on your face, but as soon as you take these off, the mask folds and sticks together like sellotape and is impossible to get apart. Once you do get it to your face though, it sticks on there like a sucker- you get a perfect fit, which is a positive that regular fibre masks don’t have.

I will probably try a different mask from Korean brand When in the future, but this one was just a complete non-event.

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