Floral Headband

I didn’t really do the January sales, but I did pick up some ASOS sale hair accessories at the end of the month for around £3 each and I’ve fallen in love with two of the prettiest ones. If you can’t still find these exact ones on the site, there are so many similar designs. I’m in a real hairband mood at the moment, and I don’t feel it disappearing anytime soon.

Crayola Fine Line Markers

Crayola Coloured Pencils

My love for adult colouring has also been continuing as I got a bumper book of 80 pages from Crayola. The new Crayola Patterned Escapes (£10 from Very) has just the right mix of intricate and larger patterns and the pages are handily perforated so that you can easily remove the pages that you want. What’s also great about this book is that the colouring pages are one-sided, so you don’t have to worry about ink bleeding through the page. I also got some new Crayola pencils and pens, and I’m especially in love with their bumper pack of 50 colouring pencils. There is such a wide range of shades in there, even gold and silver. The pencils are £11.49, and the pack of 10 Fine Line Markers are £4.49.

Colourful Cushions

I don’t know how (well I do, I bought them), but I’ve accumulated a lot of new cushions over the past month. Two of my favourites are this cloud cushion from Ikea (it’s £6 in the children’s section) and this colourful pompom one that was £6 at Primark. I think I have more cushions now than I have seats for them to go on.

Geometric Ikea Stationery

I also discovered the Ikea stationery department when I was in the store and my trolley got full very quickly. I love the design on these stickers and gift tags- they even have pretty copper foil on them. Everything I bought was around £1- what a bargain!

Are you going to be seeking out any of these items?

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