Pink Parcel Subscription Box

I really like the idea of this women’s period subscription box- you choose one of three dates each month for them to ship out your box (the date closest to your monthly period) and they send you out a box of your requested sanitary product for the month, along with a range of wellbeing goodies to help you cope with the pain and the stress that we’ve all felt at this time.

UK Period Subscription Box

I don’t know about you, but there have been several times in my life when my period has started, but due to a busy life, I’d forgotten to buy new tampons or towels after they ran out. You need to resort to rolled up toilet roll until you can get to a shop, and it’s not pleasant. Luckily I am on the mini pill, so I haven’t had a period for years, but I wanted to share this box as I think it could be really useful to so many of you.

Pink Parcel March 2016

The only thing I don’t like about Pink Parcel* (£12.99 per month) is the price, as I think it’s a bit too expensive for what you get. Most of the box is sanitary products and you can buy this yourself for just a couple of Pounds per month. Taking this off the cost, you are left with the price of lots of the UK’s beauty boxes, and sadly, this just doesn’t compete in terms of the quality and size of the items you get. In March’s box you get two raw chocolate truffles (which are very tasty), a little makeup pouch, a ginger tea bag, a PawPaw. Papaya Moisturising Balm that you can use literally anywhere to soothe dry skin or soften cuticles, a Simple Candle Co. wax tart melt, a £1 7th Heaven face mask sachet, a glass nail file from Mylee and a natural stone deodorant from Native. I just didn’t think the products inside were of that great a quality, which is a shame. Other subscription boxes like Look Fantastic can give you boxes that knock your socks off, so Pink Parcel should be able to do it too.

This box has the potential to do so well- if you struggle with remembering to buy what you need every month, this would be a God-send to you- I think that they just need to perhaps reduce the number of items inside but up the quality of them. What do you think? Am I being unfair?

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