I’ve seen SEVENTEEN products in Boots, but I haven’t tried any of their products, except for one foundation (reviewed here), in over a decade- back when they were branded as 17. I’ve heard some good things about them recently though, so I wanted to try a few items to get a feel for the brand.

Seventeen Easy on The Eye Birthday Suit Palette

nude eyeshadow palette

I love pink-toned shades at this time of the year, so their Easy on The Eye Birthday Suit Palette (£7.99 from Boots) was perfect for me. It’s a beautiful collection of eleven powder and cream nude and blush-toned shades that are very blendable and pigmented, plus an eye primer cream.

There’s a mixture of matte, shimmer and pearl effect shades, but I’d say that most of these have some kind of shine to them. A couple of the palest shades don’t show up on my incredibly white skin, but the shades that do are just stunning. This is a great palette for easy daytime looks.

SEVENTEEN Long Lash Mascara

lengthening mascara

I also got a mascara- the new SEVENTEEN Long Lash Mascara (£6.99) has a long, thin wand that allows you to get into the bottom lashes easily as well as the top. It’s long-wearing and really lengthens the lashes. I already have very long lashes that I find it difficult to get a curl with, so unfortunately, this mascara wasn’t for me as it lengthened them too much that they just stuck out straight. I definitely prefer volumising and defining mascaras.

SEVENTEEN Skin Wow Primer

Finally, I tried their new Skin Wow Primer (£5.99). This is basically a liquid highlighter that comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser. It can be used in three ways- as a primer to give a glowing base under your foundation, mixed in with your foundation to add radiance, or dabbed onto the skin on top of foundation as a highlighter. I’ve tried it all three ways and I love it- it works perfectly with my very pale skin and looks so pretty.

spring makeup look

I thought I would use all three of these products in a pink-toned spring makeup look to show you what they look like on. The mascara doesn’t look great, but as I said, it’s not designed for my lashes. I especially love how the highlighter looks down my nose.

Do you have any SEVENTEEN product recommendations?

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