DIY Pompom Necklace

I am more than a tad obsessed with pompoms at the moment, so I wanted to share my latest crafty makes with you and show you how to recreate them- two DIY pompom necklaces that are perfect for summer.

Pompom Necklace Tutorial

For this tutorial you will need: a silver or gold chain (or both), some wool in your preferred colour choice/s, coordinating thread, a sewing needle, scissors and a four-pronged dinner fork.

How to make a pompom

First you need to make your pompoms. There are lots of ways to do this, but to get a suitable small size, I find that using a fork is best. Start by wrapping your wool around all four prongs of the fork about a half way up, leaving a tail hanging at the start. Wrap it around until it gets quite fat, and leave a tail at the end too. Next, take a seperate piece of wool and tie it tight around the wool you have just wound round, in-between the middle two prongs of the fork.

Now you need to slide your wool bundle off of the fork and cut through the loops at one side then the other. You should now have a fluffy pompom that just needs trimmed. The more you trim the pompom the smaller and more compact it will look- just don’t go too far.

Pink pompom necklace

pompom necklace

Silver pompom necklace

Finally, thread a needle through the middle of your pompom and then through one of the links in your necklace chain and tie it off to attach. I chose to apply three pompoms to a gold chain, and just one in the centre of a silver chain to create two different looks. You could mix up the colours too- there are endless possibilities.

Will you be trying this out?

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