diego dalla palma spring summer 2016 collection

I wanted to share with you my thoughts on some of the key pieces from the diego dalla palma SS16 collection. The collection from this Italian makeup brand is inspired by the women of St. Tropez, and while I love some of the pieces, I also dislike others.

diego dalla palma Radiance All Over Chubby

diego dalla palma Radiance All Over Chubby swatch

Lets talk about one of the products I love first- the Radiance Chubby All Over (£15 from Marks & Spencer). So many brands are releasing these chubby cream highlighter sticks, but this one is great. It’s a beautiful irridescent champagne shade, like a pearl, and it blends really well. It’s very long-lasting too and gives a stunning natural highlight or it can be built up for intense strobing.

diego dalla palma Stardust Eyeliner swatch

Another of the SS16 products that I really like is the Stardust Eyeliner (£12.50 from Marks & Spencer). This is a champagne to light gold pearlescent eyeliner that looks brilliant in the waterline to brighten and add shine. The formula is really soft and creamy, so it just glides on. It’s such a pretty alternative to a traditional matte flesh-toned liner for your waterline as it makes your eyes sparkle.

diego dalla palma Long Wear Eyeshadow Sticks in Candy and Blue Star

diego dalla palma Long Wear Eyeshadow Sticks in Candy and Blue Star swatch

Finally, I’ve been trying the two new Long Wear Eyeshadow Sticks in Candy and Blue Star (£12 from Marks & Spencer). There is no doubt that these are stunning shades and they would have made great additions to my collection, but unfortunately I hate the formula. They are very pigmented which is good, but you just can’t blend these out as the formula is too thick and just too pigmented- you have to wear them as intense as this (i.e. painted on) or not at all. If you try to blend these out, you make such a mess and end up with colour everywhere and the blue especially is impossible to take off if you get it where you don’t want. There’s just no ability to work with these, which is a shame.

Have you tried anything from this collection?

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