DIY Ombre Glitter Mermaid Mirror

Last month I got sent the first edition of the Glittery Hands craft subscription box* (£15 per month- but 20% off your first box before June 1st 2016 with code GLITTER12) and it was mermaid themed. It inspired me to create this ombre glitter mermaid mirror for my bathroom by upcycling an old boring wooden one that I had lying around. This is definitely a project for kitsch and glitter lovers everywhere!

super-fine glitter set

The Glittery Hands April box really impressed me- I love that the boxes are themed and full of a variety of useful and pretty items. In this box was an acrylic paint, exclusive illustrated papers, glitter heart buttons, an embroidered anchor motif, a clear anchor stamp, a pretty ink pad, colourful sewing pins, mermaid themed card die cuts, sequins, glitter, exclusive illustrated stickers, a blank hair slide and iron-on glitter letters. I picked out some items from the box to make the frame with, and also used my glitter tube packs (£12.99 per set of 12 glitters) that I picked up from crafty site Hochanda.

First you need to lay out a large cover for your floor, as you are using paint, glue and lots of glitter that goes everywhere. Next, lay out all the tools and supplies you are going to be using. You will need: a large wooden mirror, lavender acryllic paint, PVC glue, a paintbrush, fine blue/purple glitters of various shades, sequins, seashells, and mermaid-themed embellishments.

glitter sea shells

Next, paint your frame with your acryllic paint. I did two coats, but it doesn’t need to be perfect- it actually looks better if you can see some wood through certain bits as it looks a bit shabby chic. When you are waiting on the frame to dry, you can prepare the seashells. Roughly paint each of the shells with the same acryllic paint, then add a layer of PVC glue (you don’t need to wait for the paint to dry first), before sprinkling with your lightest shade of glitter.

Once the paint on your frame is dry, paint it with the PVC glue and immediately start sprinkling on your glitter. Start at the top with your darkest shade and work down the frame in sections until you are sprinking your lightest shade along the bottom. You will then need to leave it to dry before you tap the frame on the ground to let all the excess glitter fall off.

Now it’s time to decorate the frame with the sequins and mermaid-themed embellishments. I chose to do the two bottom corners and pack everything together there to look like treasure. Splodge on some PVC glue thickly over the area you want to decorate (this will dry clear so don’t worry) then start pressing in your embellishments and shells into the glue. Sprinkle on your sequins and when the glue dries, they will all be set into it and stuck on.

DIY Ombre Glitter Mermaid Frame

You’re finished! All you need to do now is mount it on your bathroom wall and brush your mermaid hair in front of it. Will you be trying this fun crafty DIY out?

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