Boscia Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Hydrogel Mask

This week’s Face Mask Friday post is a review of the Boscia Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Hydrogel Mask. It’s a gel mask that you apply like a sheet mask to deliver a burst of hydration to the skin.

This mask comes sealed in a sachet like a sheet mask, but it has a gel texture instead of a fibre one. It also comes in two parts instead of one – I don’t really get the point of this as it doesn’t really make it easier to apply, but it apparantly makes it fit more of a variety of face shapes. You peel off the front and back backing, then quickly apply to your face before it starts to fold and stick together. There is one section for the top half of your face and one for the bottom half. This gel mask grips much better to your skin and fills in all the contours of your face much better than a fibre sheet mask can.

Boscia Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Hydrogel Mask ingredients

The Boscia Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Hydrogel Mask ($8 from Sephora) is made in Korea. It is designed to replenish, soften and provide deep hydration, and it works really well. It contains Tsubaki (Camellia) Oil (an anti-aging ingredient to increase collagen synthesis, firm, moisturise and deeply hydrate) Vitamin E (to protect the skin from free radical and environmental stress), Jojoba Leaf (to prevent skin against free radical damage), Willowherb (to calm irritation and reduce skin redness) and Serine (an amino-acid that conditions) to leave it baby soft. The gel design of the mask seals in the ingregients so that they can’t evaporate into the air and can only penetrate into the skin. I got amazing results from this mask and it made my skin feel incredible – very soft and very plump. I’ll definitely buy it again.

This mask is also paraben, sulphate, preservative and artifical colouring free. Are you going to be adding this to your wishlist?

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