Silicone Facial Cleansing Devices

As you’ll know from the several I’ve featured, I do like to use a facial cleansing brush or device when cleansing my face. I’ve previously stuck to brushes (see my review of the Clinique one here and the Braun one here), but at the moment, I’m really into silicone devices. I wanted to share with you two that I’m loving – one is perfect for travel and the other is a multi-purpose device that’s a bathroom saviour.

Crystal Clear Ionic Sonic Cleanse

The Crystal Clear Ionic Sonic Cleanse* (£69.99 from Crystal Clear) has a smooth, curvy and ergonomic design. It’s silicone bristles are thick and quite sturdy – definitely not as easily moved as a traditional cleansing brush’s bristles. It works by using negative ions and ultra-sonic pulses to pull toxins and pollutants away from the skin. You dampen your face and the brush head, then apply a small amount of your cleanser to the bristles before switching on and cleansing your skin. If you use upwards strokes you can tone your skin at the same time. The brush has three intensity settings – body exfoliation, cleansing and cleansing for sensitive skin. It operates via standard AA batteries, so it’s easy to keep operational. I’ve been really liking this sonic device compared to the cleansing brushes I own recently, as it’s a lot easier to clean and keep hygenic, you don’t need to replace the brush heads, it increases the efficiancy of your cleanser and it has a lot more benefits to your skin compared to just cleansing.

Crystal Clear Ionic Sonic Cleanse

Crystal Clear Crystal Polish

You can also exfoliate your skin (and your body) with this silicone cleansing device as you can apply your exfoliating skincare product directly to the brush head to give you a more intense exfoliation than just using your fingers. This Crystal Clear brush actually comes with Crystal Clear Crystal Polish – a microdermabrasion product that uses fine Garnet stone particles to polish and exfoliate the skin. It also contains a blend of oils to condition the skin too. I really like this product and it leaves my skin very soft and smooth. I can really see increased radiance the next day too. The brush also comes with a Soothing Cleansing Gel which contains SLS as the foaming agent, so it strips my dry skin even more – this went in the bin. It also comes with a Skin Repair Moisturiser which is nothing to write home about – I would just follow using this brush with your normal moisturiser.

Foreo Luna Play

The Foreo Luna Play* (£29 from Look Fantastic) is a 100% waterproof, tiny, sleek, pebble-shaped device that fits in the palm of your hand. This is the perfect cleansing device to take away with you when you’re travelling. It has much softer silicone bristles than the Crystal Clear brush – these are soft and bend easily, but there is a small section of thicker and firmer bristles at the top of the brush to unclog pores in areas such as around your nose. You can cleanse your entire face in one minute with this device, using circular motions. It has a single intensity setting, but performs an intense cleanse (via its sonic pulses) that leaves my skin very soft and my complexion a lot brighter. The Foreo Luna Play contains a non-rechargeable battery that is good for 100 uses. Once the battery runs out, it can’t be replaced. This obviously isn’t ideal, so this is definitely a device to just keep in your travel bag for trips away. 

Have you tried either of these devices before?

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