DIY Sleep Mask

Summer means light late nights and early mornings, and if you don’t have blackout blinds, you’ll find it difficult to sleep. Comfortable fabric eye masks are a God-send, so I wanted to show you how to make your own with just a little bit of fabric and some ribbon.

You will need two A4 sized pieces of a fabric of your choice, 0.5 metres of ribbon and trim of your choice, felt scraps for decoration, a sheet of paper and a pen, scissors and a needle and thread.

First, draw out a template for your eye mask freehand – nothing about this needs to be exact – and cut it out. Then draw round this template on the back of your fabric with a pen and cut out two of these fabric shapes to be the front and back of your eye mask. Depending on the fabric you’ve chosen and how much light it lets in, you may want to sandwich a felt layer in-between.

Your next task is to sew these layers together. The fabric I chose is prone to fraying, so I chose a stitch that protected and covered the edges.

Next, sew your decorative trim around the edge of your eye mask – I, of course, chose pompoms. Then half your length of ribbon and sew these onto the back of each side so that they act as ties to be tied around your head to secure the mask on your face.

Finally, add some decorations onto the front of the mask with some felt. You can either glue or sew these on. I chose little hearts since I love the heart-eye emoji so much.

Let me know if you choose to make one of these – I’d love to see the photos!

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