My Beauty Diary Caviar Face Mask

For this week’s Face Mask Friday, I’m reviewing the firming Caviar Face Mask from Chinese brand My Beauty Diary. These are sheet masks that utilise the skincare benefits of caviar extract.

The My Beauty Diary Caviar Face Masks (£16.09 for 10 from Amazon) look and feel like regular sheet masks. They don’t have a scent and feel cooling and refreshing on the skin. They are designed to firm and lift the skin as well as brighten and moisturise it. You leave it on your face for 20 to 30 minutes, then massage the remaining serum into your skin. My face definitely felt firmer, softer and plumper after using this mask.

My Beauty Diary Caviar Face Mask Ingredients

Caviar, i.e. fish eggs, are rich in amino acids, which encourage collagen production and increase skin moisture levels. Caviar also contains lots of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which moisturise, add radiance, reduce inflammation and trigger hormones that promote collagen production. If that isn’t enough, caviar also contains antioxidents, e.g. Vitamin A & E, which protect the skin from the environment and from aging free radicals. The Potassium and Selenium in caviar improves skin elasticity, plus caviar has a high water content, so it’s good at keeping skin hydrated and moisturised.

I really liked using this mask and it did everything it promised to do- a great one-off before a night out to firm and lift the skin and provide a smooth, hydrated base for makeup. I think the anti-aging skincare effects would be better on a more acumulative basis if you used these masks regularly though, so I definitely need to pick up some more.

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