new benefit brow collection

I love Benefit’s new and revamped brow collection, so I wanted to share with you my favourite products from the line – 3D Browtones*, Ka BROW!* and Browvo! Conditioning Primer*.

Benefit Brows

Lots of new products and new shades have been introduced, and the formula of some existing cult favourites have been revamped. The new collection comes in sleek silver casing in pastel, circus-themed boxes and I love it.

Benefit 3D Browtones

Benefit Cosmetics 3D Browtones

Benefit 3D Browtones Swatch

3D Browtones (£18.50 from House of Fraser) comes in two shades – 2 and 4 – and I am shade 4. 3D Browtones is a really unique innovation that you won’t have come across before – a highlighter for your brows. It is a brown tinted brow gel that has a slight irridescence to it – the shade is slightly lighter than my own brows and has a hint of shimmer to it so that it can add some natural-looking highlights. This is a great product for anyone who feels their brows can look too block and drawn on after applying other products on their own. I love 3D Browtones so much – it’s very subtle but has a great overall effect. It’s also waterproof, lasts for 12-hours and has a tiny brush that fits all parts of the brow.

Benefit Ka Brow

Benefit Cosmetics Ka Brow!

Benefit Ka Brow Shade 6 Swatch

Ka BROW! (£18.50 from House of Fraser) is a brow gel-cream pot that comes with a dippable brush. What I really like about this is that it has the preciseness of a gel, but with the finish of a powder. It comes in six shades and I am the darkest – shade 6. The brush that comes with it is firm and angled, so you can get some really precise strokes. You only need a little of this product to go a long way, so dab lightly in the pot. The formula is waterproof and designed to last for 24 hours, so once you’ve filled in your brows, they aren’t budging. This is such a handy product that works brilliantly and is easy to use.

Benefit Browvo! Conditioning Primer

Benefit Browvo! Conditioning Primer Applicator

Finally, Benefit’s Browvo! Conditioning Primer (£21.50 from House of Fraser) is a nutrient-packed conditioner and primer for your brows. It conditions brows with keratin and soy proteins to make them look fuller and healthier, and also primes them to enhance the colour and wear of brow grooming products worn on top. The formula is a clear gel and you just need one twist of the applicator pen to dispense enough product per brow. The pen has a soft-touch silicone tip with little ‘spikes’ to drag the product through all of the hairs, and the product is dispensed out of the middle of this. This is such a fuss-free way to condition your brows and you can wear it overnight for an extra dose of nutrition.

Have you tried any of these yet, or have any other recommendations from the collection?

This post contains press samples, but all opinions are my own.

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