Natural Body Scrubs

I’ve been trying out two really amazing natural body scrubs from Australian skincare brands – one that’s perfect for the morning time and one that I’ve been using at night.

Sukin Coffee & Coconut Energising Body Scrub

Sukin’s Coffee & Coconut Energising Body Scrub (£12.99 from Look Fantastic), which is Sulphate and Paraben-free, has a lovely coconut scent with hints of awakening coffee. It contains coffee extracts, ground walnut shells and ground coconut shell to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. The scrub is quite course so it works very well at smoothing and revitalising the skin. It also contains a soothing and conditioning blend of aloe vera, coconut oil and jojoba to bring hydration to the skin, and Vitamin E and Rose hip to protect, condition and bring antioxidents and nutrients. Due to the coffee scent, I’ve been using this in the morning once or twice per week as it really wakes me up. It’s pretty much a perfect scrub.

Buddy Scrub Raw Cacao Body Scrub

Buddy Scrub Raw Cacao Body Scrub

The Buddy Scrub Raw Cacao Body Scrub (£15 from Buddy Scrub) looks, smells and feels like dark brown sugar. It actually contains brown sugar as well as sea salt as the exfoliating agents, plus raw cacao powder – ground raw, cold-pressed, unroasted, cocoa beans – and coconut oil, sweet almond oil and grape seed oil to nourish, moisturise and condition the skin. The key ingredient- raw cacao – contains Vitamin C and Magnesium which protect the skin, as well as Omega 6 fatty acids which promote cell healing – if you have scars and wounds, this may help to heal them.

If I am showering at night and wanting to use a scrub, I’ve been opting for this one instead of the coffee-scented scrub from Sukin. This Buddy Scrub is really effective at exfoliating the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells, and it leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth. The downsides to it are that you have to try to avoid getting water in the bag; so whilst the packaging looks good, it isn’t overly practical. The scrub is also quite sticky (from the sugar), so it takes longer to rinse off.

Have you tried either of these natural body scrubs?

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