Sephora Sleeping Masks

For this week’s Face Mask Friday post, I’m reviewing the Sephora Rose Sleeping Mask and the Ginseng Sleeping Mask – really interesting products that I’ve been using for around a month now.

Sephora Sleeping Masks

I bought LOTS of these masks in a Sephora haul as I’d heard such good things about them. I’ve been using them around three times per week for just over a month and I just can’t make my mind up about them. They come in individual single-use pods ($5 each from Sephora) and I opted for the Rose and Ginseng varieties.

The Rose (and mushroom extract) mask is to ultra-moisturise and brighten, and the Ginseng (and pea extract) mask is to firm and tone. The texture is a jelly-like gel and you get a lot of it in one pod – way more than you need to cover your face. I don’t like to waste any and I try to get the full effect of the treatment, so I pile it on my skin an hour before bed and let it absorb into my skin until it just leaves a sticky residue, which I leave there overnight. I think that if you applied this at bedtime, even a small amount in a fine layer as directed, it would just transfer directly onto your pillows and not stay on your skin. I keep mine in the fridge too, for an extra-cooling summer treat.

The reason I say that I can’t make my mind up about whether I like them or not is that I enjoy the pampering process of applying them, but I don’t think they deliver as good results as they promise, and certainly not straight away after one use. These aren’t like a sheet mask that delivers instant results – you need to use these regularly to improve your skin in the way advertised on the packet. They should sell these in large multi-use tubs rather than single pods as it makes them look like a quick fix, which they aren’t. Whilst they are refreshing and enjoyable to use, I would rather buy a sheet mask – the Sephora ones are great.

Have you tried these before?

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