Vanedo Beauty Friends Vitamin Essence Mask

Apologies for this week’s Face Mask Friday post being a day late, but I wasn’t feeling well – I MIGHT have had one or two too many glasses of champagne on Thursday night at a GAP Genes For Jeans party. This week’s review is on a Korean sheet mask.

I can’t seem to find out much information about this brand – they don’t seem to have a website. What I do know is that Vanedo Beauty Friends are an affordable collection of Korean sheet face masks that use natural plant extracts to serve different purposes. This is their Vitamin E mask, but they also have red ginseng, cucumber and aloe masks too, amongst many others.

Vanedo Beauty Friends Vitamin Essence Mask Ingredients

This Vanedo Beauty Friends Vitamin Essence Mask (£19.99 for all 25 of the range from Amazon) is designed to deeply moisturise, condition, brighten and improve skin elasticity. It contains Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) for skin brightening, moisturising and anti-aging benefits, as well as Portulaca oleracea extract – a succulent plant that’s thought to have anti-inflamatory properties as well as similar anti-aging, antioxident and moisturising benefits. Portulaca oleracea is a popular plant in Chinese healing as it’s edible. The serum that the mask is infused with is scentless, and you apply it to your skin for 15-20 minutes. It looks just like a regular sheet mask.

I wore this mask for the recommended time, and when I removed it, my skin felt incredibly moisturised, plump and soft. It had definitily conditioned my skin and improved its elasticity by making it feel firmer and tighter. I couldn’t see much difference in terms of brightness, but this may come over time if you use this mask regularly. This is a good general and affordable pamper mask that actually makes your skin look and feel like you’ve had a facial. I’d definitely recommend trying it next time you need some ‘me time’.

Have you tried any of the Vanedo Beauty Friends masks before?

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