Kate Popbands on wrist

It’s time for the second installment of June’s monthly favourites – the fashion and lifestyle edition. As with my beauty favourites post from last week, I have a jam-packed line-up again.

Kate Moss Popbands

The first of the fashion items that I’ve been loving are these Popbands on my wrists. You could count these as beauty too, but I’ve not been wearing them as hairbands. This Kate pack (£8 from Popband) was inspired by Kate Moss and the star-print dress that she wore to one of her birthday parties. These look so good as wristbands in the summer months.

Love My Soul Jones Fringed Tote bag

Love My Soul Jones Fringed Tote bag

I’ve also been loving this tasselled grey suede tote bag – the Jones Fringed Tote (£95 from Love My Soul) has such a bohemian vibe that suits the summer months perfectly. It’s large and roomy too, so it can store all my essentials, including my sun protection spray.

BBC 4 The Disappearance

11.22.63 TV Drama

Over on the lifestyle side of things, there are two TV programmes that have made my month – I binge-watched them both, as I prefer to do this that have to limit myself to one episode per week. 11.22.63 is the story of a man (James Franco) who travels back in time to try and prevent the assassination of JFK, but history doesn’t like being altered, so the universe fights back against him. I don’t want to give things away (and this actually isn’t), but at the end he has the choice of whether to go back and reset and try again, or to just go back to his old life (if it’s still the same after all the changes he has made to history). This is a real human drama that shows you that changing one thing in the past isn’t as simple as we like to sometimes wish it was.

The other programme is a French drama with subtitles that was screened on BBC 4 and is now available via the BBC iPlayer. The Disappearance tells the story of a 16-year-old girl in Lyon who goes missing after a festival, and the resulting police investigation. It’s a real whodunit, with lots of red herrings, twists and turns. I was gripped from the very beginning, and after the first episode, I wasn’t even conscious of reading the subtitles. The actress who plays the mother in this is phenomenal.

BioFreeze Gel

Another lifestyle thing I’ve been relying on throughout June is BioFreeze Pain Relieving Gel (£19.99 for 16oz from Physiotherapy Store). I have Fibromyalgia and get very bad leg and wrist pain at night with it. Lots of products I’ve tried help a bit, but none completely take any discomfort away like BioFreeze has. I use this every night and it’s basically like the cold gel Deep Freeze that we are all familiar with, except this has ILEX in it – a herbal extract from a South American holly shrub – and this seems to make all the difference to me!

Linea Long Acacia Platter Board

I’ve also been loving my Linea Long Acacia Platter Board (£21 in sale from House of Fraser) and have had lots of lazy lunches with it this month. I love serving pizza on it, tapas and Morrocan-style cold selections when I’m entertaining guests or just having family meals.

Winter Heart bkr Bottle

Finally, I’ve been enjoying drinking from my new bkr Bottle all month. It’s so easy to transport about and sleek enough to use at home too. bkr Bottles are luxury glass bottles that have silicone cases in a variety of different colours – this white one with a pink heart is my favourite. The bkr Winter Heart Bottle (£28 from bkr) holds 500ml – this makes it really easy to keep track of how much water I am drinking, and increase it if I haven’t drunk enough. The reason for using a glass bottle as opposed to a plastic one is to limit the amount of foreign chemicals that could potentially enter your water from the plastic.

Are any of these your loves too?

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