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Summer is the time for weddings and I have friends that have at least one per week to attend at the moment. All that choosing what to wear can be stressful, so I spoke to the stylish editorial team at fashion site Lyst to get their tips on wedding guest outfits and etiquette. If you have a wedding in your diary this month, you need to read this.

Dressing for a summer wedding in Britain can be tricky, especially if part of it is outdoors as you can’t predict the weather. What are your tips for women attending nuptials this summer when choosing what to wear?

It’s simple – layering is the secret to dressing in unpredictable weather, but it’s easier said than done. We’ve all been caught off guard at one point or another, so the trick is to prepare for every eventuality. Silky trench coats are everywhere right now and look effortless draped over a dress. For grown-up definition, go for a blazer instead. Also, a patterned silk scarf will add colour and can be stashed away in a clutch when it’s no longer needed. If you need to fend off rain, carry a clear umbrella so you can still show off your outfit. 

As well as the outfit they’re wearing, what additional clothing and accessories should they have on hand?

A statement accessory can really pull together an entire look. Everyone knows a clutch is a wedding guest essential, but forget about the classic styles, it’s all about rich brocades and bold prints. If you’re attending more than one wedding, think about updating a tried-and-tested dress with a new floral hair pin, or if that’s too subtle, then a pair of embellished sandals. 

What are the modern rules about wedding guest attire? Can you refuse to wear a hat if requested? Can you wear white? Are trousers or a playsuit not traditional enough?

No one wants to be the wedding guest who looks like they’re trying to upstage the bride, so avoid white and anything too revealing. Aside from that, weddings are a great place to experiment with your look. A floral dress isn’t for everyone and a silk jumpsuit will look just as sophisticated. Hats are a staple for the mother of the bride, but you can break with tradition and invest in this season’s playful tiara instead.

What designers do Lyst shoppers veer towards when buying formal wedding outfits?

For a feminine look you can’t go wrong with a beaded dress from British label Needle & Thread and no-one does lace as well as Self-Portrait. Victoria Beckham has nailed the timeless look with her tailored collection and Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress is always a fail-safe bet.

Summer Wedding Guest Fashion Accessories

For traditional weddings, what are your tips for guests to add a pop of fun or colour to their outfit with accessories? Are there any perfect items available to buy now that you can recommend?

Invest in at least one fashion accessory which will help you to stand out. We have so many great designers to choose from on Lyst, so shoppers really have the pick of the best this season. Use a beaded cape – such as Needle & Thread’s Bridal Cropped Embellished Tulle one (available here) – to add coverage, or an embroidered clutch to add pattern – the Stella McCartney Falabella (available here) is great. These Aquazurra Wild Thing Fringed Sandals (available here) are also fun, but not distracting.

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