Blank Canvas Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

I had never heard of Blank Canvas Cosmetics until they kindly sent me a selection of their makeup brushes to review. The wide range they have is incredible and they are definitely a new favourite of mine.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Single Brushes

Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 F22 Brush

I got two single brushes as well as a handy travel set. The Blank Canvas Cosmetics The Art of Perfection F22 Brush* (£12.88 from Blank Canvas Cosmetics) is their HD Dome Face Brush. I have the version with the purple handle and I love it. It’s 100% cruelty free and has incredibly soft synthetic fibres and a rounded tip that’s perfect for buffing in foundation. The other brush is their The Art of Perfection F20 Brush* (£12.88 from Blank Canvas Cosmetics). This Flat Buffer Brush is also extremely soft, but with slightly more tightly packed bristles; making it ideal for stippling. These brushes are so nice to use, give a lovely finish to your foundation and clean well too. You could also use the rounded F22 brush to blend out your contour or to apply blusher as the head is small enough.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Double-Ended Face and Eye Set

Onto the amazing set that I got – the Blank Canvas Cosmetics The Art of Perfection Double-Ended Face and Eye Set* (£42.94 from Blank Canvas Cosmetics) contains 7 dual-ended brushes, giving you 14 in total, as well as a chic black travel brush case. You can buy all the brushes in this kit individually too. First up there’s the E27/E28 Mini Detailer and Ultra Fine Liner Brush. The tiny brush is perfect for tidying up liquid liner or to apply a precise line with an eyeliner gel. It’s very sofy but has just the right amount of sturdiness too. The Mini Detailer brush is flat and small, so you can get right into your bottom lash line with it to apply your shadow there.

There’s also an E40/E41 Tapered Crease Blender and Tapered Blending Brush duo. These are so soft and are the ideal eyeshadow blending brushes. The E40 brush is flatter, allowing you to get right into the crease and the E41 brush is perfect for blending out the edges of your eyeshadow look.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics F02 Double Ended Painter Style Foundation Brush

The next duo brush in the set is the F02 Double Ended Painter Style Foundation Brush. The larger end of this is for applying foundation – these style of brushes don’t suit my skin and foundation just doesn’t go on right with them; but the smaller end is great for getting your concealer right up under your bottom lashes. These are firm and flat brushes, so you can’t buff with these.

The E32/E33 Tapered Crease Blender and Smudger is another great eye makeup brush. The smudger is great at blending out any liner or eyeshadow you have applied under your bottom lashes for a smokier look, and the brush is small, pointed and fluffy, so you can get right into the crease with it to blend your eyeshadows into each other. It’s not really all that different from the E41 brush. 

The E25/E26 Round-Top Blending Brush and Blending Brush can be used for eyeshadow too, but I think they are really good at blending concealer as they are larger but still precise. This one is made from natural goat hair.

Finally, the set contains an incredibly handy E30 Brow Brush and Spoolie duo. The brow brushes that come with brow products aren’t usually very good, but this one is flat, firm, angled and precise; allowing you to really create the shape that you want. Every makeup bag needs a clean spoolie to tidy your brows up with too.

The E23/E24 Short Pencil Brush and Flat Shader is the last in the line-up. The E23 brush is a small pointed brush that can get right into the lash lines to smudge and soften shadows and liner. It’s also a natural hair brush. The, also natural hair, E24 brush is great at applying highlighter down your nose as it’s flat and small. It is of course great at packing on things like glitter shadows to your eyelids too.

Do you like the look of these brushes?

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