Craft Supply Storage

As you’ll know by now, I’m a keen crafter and DIY-er. I have a room in my house that’s my craft supply storage room and also my photography studio. I wanted to share with you how I store some of my craft supplies incase you are struggling with how to organise yours.

I have a few of these four drawer plastic units that I picked up in Hobbycraft. In them, I store a variety of tools and paints, such as scissors, wire cutters, string, Sharpies, glue, Sellotape, and white tack. I also have a dedicated drawer for needles, pins and sewing thread etc. These drawers contain all the basics I need to craft and they are easily accessible.

I keep things like my loose glitters and glitter glues in clear plastic pouches so that I can see what’s inside without having to empty everything out to look for a particular colour. You could use large clear pencil cases from a supermarket for this.

I keep all my small embellishments and decorations in plastic trays with clear lids so that I can keep them seperated and so that I can easily see what’s inside. In these multi-compartment trays, I keep things such as sequins, buttons, beads and gems. For slightly larger things such as fabric embellishments, I keep these in small individual plastic tubs – these are also clear so that I can quickly see what’s inside. I picked these up in Home Bargains too, for just a couple of Pounds each.

I have a lot of fabric and a lot of ribbon, so I keep these in a pink dotty storage box and a huge 22 litre storage box* with enclosed removable trays – mine is from Store and is £10. In the bottom I keep felts and fabrics that fit the current season (i.e. currently, my autumn and Christmas fabrics are away in storage) as well as a huge bag of pompoms, and in the top tray I keep ribbon, twine and wool that isn’t themed to a particular season. Seasonal stuff is stored away and swapped into these when needed.

All of my papercrafting supplies – printed papers, decoupage papers, tissue paper, card etc are kept in labelled cardboard box files to stop them getting bent or torn. I keep some of my sticker collection in plastic wallets next to these too. The rest of my stickers are kept in boxes with my stationery and huge pen stash in another room at my desk, and I just grab things from here when I need them.

Finally, I keep all of my rolls of wrapping paper and wallpaper (great for both crafting and photo backgrounds) in gift wrap storage bags. The ones I use are from Store* and they are £13 each. They are made from a really sturdy cotton and they stand up flat easily without falling over. They also have a lot of pockets on the outside that I can keep smaller rolls of gift wrap in.

How do you store your craft supplies? I hope this post has given you some additional ideas!

This post contains press samples, but all opinions are my own.

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