nspa face masks

For this week’s Face Mask Friday post, I’ve been trying out some of the sachet masks from the nspa Beauty Rituals collection at Asda. These are very much budget products, so I was interested to see how they would perform.

Each of the masks come in sachets that contain enough for two uses – just make sure that you seal the packet again with a clothes peg so it doesn’t dry out. My favourite of their masks is the nspa Radiance Boosting Mask (£1.59 from Asda) – this has an amazing effect on my skin that I was really blown away by. I will definitely be stocking up on these. The mask is pink and it has a thick cream formula that you layer onto your skin. You wear it for 15 minutes on top of damp skin – your skin will drink some of it up and the rest will dry on the surface. It completely hydrates and moisturises your skin as well as leaving it radiant and glowy. It contains Vitamin A-rich Goji Berries that have great anti-aging benefits, and the mask also has Vitamin C and E to calm and protect the skin. If you need to give your skin an instant boost to look healthy, I’d definitely recommend trying this.

nspa Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

The next mask I tried is the nspa Deep Cleansing Mud Mask (£1.59 from Asda). This is a traditional green clay mask that hardens on your skin and cracks if you smile. It performs really well too and is great at making your skin feel squeaky clean and detoxified, but soft and moisturised at the same time. It contains Dead Sea minerals, natural beeswax and seaweed extracts to deeply clean pores and condition.

Finally, my least favourite mask of the three I tried. I’m not really a fan of self-heating masks, so I wasn’t expecting to love this. The nspa Treat Warming Detox Mask (£1.59 from Asda) is a clay mask that gets really warm when you apply it to your skin. The heat makes my eyes water and I found it an uncomfortable experience. Some people will love it however. You wear the mask on slightly damp skin for 15 minutes and it’s designed to deeply clean and draw out impurities (through it’s natural clay and Ginger Root ingredients) to leave your skin more radiant. It is effective, but I would rather the much more pleasant experence of the Deep Cleansing Mud Mask as it does the same job.

Have you tried any nspa skincare products before?

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