111SKIN Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask

Earlier this year, I reviewed another mask product from 111SKIN (here) and was impressed, so I was excited to try this one. 111SKIN is a luxury clinical skincare brand created by a Harley Street doctor.

Their Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask (£20 for 1 or £85 for 5 from 111SKIN) is a hydrogel mask rather than a cotton/tissue mask, so not only does it fit better to your face and stay in place, the ingredients also penetrate into your skin’s dermis more effectively. I also find the gel texture of the mask cooling and a lot more pleasant to use than a tissue mask.

This is a brightening, moisturising and anti-ageing mask all in one. It contains three key ingredients – Arbutin (extracted from the bearberry plant) to brighten, Silk Amino Acids to restore moisture to the skin and condition, and Centella Asiatica (a medicinal herb) to stimulate the production of collagen. You wear the mask for 20 minutes – you literally don’t feel it on you as it’s like a second skin – and when you remove it, you skin will look glowy, feel incredibly soft and will look plump and healthy.

I was really impressed with this mask – I definitely need more of these in my life – but these are very expensive sheet masks, so if they are out of your budget, I’d save them for before an important night out or when you are taking a long-haul flight and need to put moisture back into your skin and look rested when you land. 

Have you tried this mask before?

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