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You're getting two face mask reviews for the price of one this week as I'm talking multi-masking. Multi-masking is the trend of wearing two or more different face masks at once, on different parts of your face to combat multiple issues at once. I've been multi-masking this month with Murad's InstaMatte Oil-Control Mask and Bee Good's NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask.

For a week every month, my skin gets hormonal - my usually dry skin gets spotty and oily around my chin and jaw area, but the rest of my face stays as dry and dehyrdated as normal. Usually I just apply the same mask all over my entire face to give my skin whatever I think it needs (be that deep cleansing or hydrating etc) and I do this three times per week at least. However, when the lower part of my face starts to breakout and get out of control, I like to multi-mask.

Murad InstaMatte Oil-Control Mask
Murad InstaMatte Oil-Control Mask

The Murad InstaMatte Oil-Control Mask (£35 from Murad) has a texture that is a cross between a cream and a light clay. It does dry on the skin, but not hard like a clay mask would. You are supposed to leave this on for three minutes, but I leave mine on for ten (across my chin and jaws) as that's how long the Bee Good mask takes to work on the rest of my face, and it does no harm. This mask is really effective in clearing up my breakouts, preventing it from spreading further and in mattifying my skin. After just one use it has been proven to reduce 93% of excess oil, hydrate the skin (via Zinc Polymers), deeply cleanse pores (via Salicylic Acid), tighten pores (via Grapefruit Extract) and protect skin from environmental pollution (via the antioxidant Olive Extract). I love this mask as it does the job of tackling my breakout without stripping the skin of moisture like most acne masks.

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask
Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask

On the rest of my face I apply a generous layer of the oily balm Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask (£39.95 from Bee Good). This enzyme treatment mask feels so luxurious and can actually be used over the entire body and on the scalp too. It's over 98% natural and contains British bee and British botanical ingredients. When my skin is dry and lacklustre, this mask gives is a dose of what it needs.

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask

It has six key active ingredients - natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) from five different fruits to gently exfoliate the skin ad add radiance; natural waxes such as beeswax and jojoba to reduce water loss and plump fine lines and wrinkles; Propolis and Bisabolol (from the Chamomile plant) to calm and balance the skin; plant oils such as camellia to give the skin Vitamin E to improve skin elasticity; and Wildflower Honey, which is rich in antioxidents and essential amino acids, to protect against wrinkles and fine lines. It nourishes my skin, moisturises it, protects it and gives it a boost of radiance.

Have you tried either of these masks?

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