Specsavers Hilfiger Glasses

As a full-time blogger and freelance journalist, I’m on the computer or on my phone all day long, 7 days per week. I also get a lot of headaches and these had worsened recently. I decided to go to my local opticians for an eye test.

The optician said that if I had any other job, I wouldn’t need glasses, but as I spend so much time using digital devices and tech, and am suffering from headaches, I could probably benefit from glasses to use when I’m working – ones that have a small magnification to take the strain off of my eyes, and ones that protect me from the glare these digital devices produce.

Specsavers Tommy Hilfiger TH 66 Frames

Specsavers Tommy Hilfiger TH 66

When the lovely people at Specsavers heard that I had been given my first even prescription for glasses, they offered to kit me out with a set of their designer frames and the lenses I needed. I wanted a thick frame for a ‘geek chic’ look, so I opted for their Tommy Hilfiger TH 66 Frames* (£125) with UltraClear lenses* tailored to my prescription (£30). The Tommy Hilfiger frames (and other designer frames) available at Specsavers are an exclusive collaboration, so you can only get them here.

Specsavers UltraClear is an anti-reflective lens treatment that shields your eyes from the reflections and glare of things such as computer monitors. The Specsavers Newlands staff were so helpful and able to answer any questions I had. Once I had chosen my glasses, the staff ordered them and booked me in for a fitting appointment the following week once the glasses had been delivered to the store. At this second appointment they check that you are happy with your glasses and they can make quick adjustments to the frames to make them sit more comfortably on you.

Wearing my new glasses when I’m using my laptop or when I’m on my phone for extended periods of time has really helped the frequency of my headaches and I can actually feel my eyes are more relaxed when I’m working. I think they look really cool too!

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