Death By Caramel Cake

This is a cake of my own invention, but it’s based loosely on an amazing cake I had from Three Sister’s Bake and the current trend of baking with the retro Caramac chocolate bars. I haven’t had Caramac for decades, but I used to love it – when I was little, I had a bar every week when my Mum took me swimming. This cake is obscenely sweet, but it’s heavenly. One of the reasons I decided to make this cake is because Debenhams challenged me to get baking with their Jamie Oliver range of bakeware.

First you need to make your sponge. It’s just a basic vanilla sponge recipe, except with light brown sugar instead of white sugar to give it more of a caramel flavour. I used a sponge recipe from Jane’s Patisserie blog and the quantities make a sponge mixture that fits exactly into Jamie Oliver’s Square Cake Tin 20cm (£15 from Debenhams). This cake will feed 12-15 people. To make the sponge, you will need 400g Unsalted Butter, 400g Light Brown Sugar, 7 Large Eggs, 400g Self-Raising Flour, 2tsp Baking Powder and 4tbsp Whole Milk.

I’ll let you head over to Jane’s blog to follow the steps on how to make the sponge mixture, but the Jamie Oliver Balloon Whisk (£10 from Debenhams) and the Jamie Oliver Wooden Spoon Set will come in very handy. Once you’ve made your sponge, head back here to learn how to make the Caramac filling and the caramel sauce topping.

To make your Caramac buttercream filling, it will work best if you can do it with an electric whisk/mixer. First, break up 10 Caramac bars into a microwavable dish and melt them in the microwave. In a mixing bowl, add 250g of softened Unsalted Butter and 400g of Icing Sugar and then pour your melted Caramac chocolate on top of this and mix until you have a light and fluffy buttercream.

While your cake is cooling and you’ve made your buttercream, you can make your caramel sauce. You will need 300g of Scottish Tablet and a medium tub of Extra Thick Double Cream. Melt a small amount of the tablet and cream together, in a pan on the hob of your cooker, and slowly add in the rest of your tablet and cream until you have a thick sauce. Pour this into a jug and let it cool.

When your caramel sauce is cool, slice your cake like a sandwich so you have a top layer and a bottom layer. On the bottom layer, spread a generous layer of buttercream and drizzle on some of the caramel sauce. When you put the top layer of cake on top of this, the sauce will soak into the sponge.

On the top of your cake, spread out another generous layer of buttercream – I found the Jamie Oliver Harbour Blue Set of 2 Silicone Spatula Set really handy for this – then pour over a generous amount of caramel sauce. Finally, pipe some more buttercream round the edges of the cake (I used the Jamie Oliver Icing Bag and Nozzles – £12 from Debenhams) and add some Caramac squares for decoration.

This is a collaborative post with Debenhams, but all opinions are my own.


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