Halloween wreath

Oh yes, it’s time to begin with the Halloween craft tutorials! I hope you love everything I’ve made for you this year. The first in my series of spooky crafty posts is a step-by-step guide on how to re-create this very simple, but visually stunning, ribbon wreath.

Halloween ribbon

To make this, you will need – a straw wreath (you can pick these up on eBay for a few Pounds), a selection of Halloween-themed ribbons (I got all mine from various Etsy sellers – just search for Halloween ribbon and you will get so many options), scissors and a stapler.

This is such an easy thing to make. First, measure out the length of ribbon that you need to cut so that it goes around the wreath and leaves a bit of a tail. Then cut the rest of your ribbon to this length too. 

Halloween ribbon wreath

Once you have all your ribbon cut, take your first piece, wrap it round the wreath again and staple the tail ends together so that it secures it on. Continue doing this, alternating your ribbons patterns as you go, until you have gone around the entire wreath. You don’t need to completely cover up the straw – it looks cool to keep some peeking out. Finally, take some plain black ribbon or string and loop this through the wreath so that you can hang it on your wall.

Do you like this? Will you be giving it a go?

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