Optrex Warming Eye Mask

These masks have absolutely no skincare benefits whatsoever and they aren’t designed to either, but they are absolutely heavenly, so I had to share them with you.

I started off with a 2-pack of the new Fragrance-Free Optrex Warming Eye Masks (£3.99 for 2 from Boots) and I loved them so much that I went online and ordered 24 of the Lavender ones (£9.99 for 8 from Boots), as you all know how much I love lavender.

Basically, these are just designed purely with relaxation in mind – the heat that the masks start to emit when you remove them from their sachet is comforting and it soothes tired eyes. They are really comfortable to wear and have two built-in hooks to go over your ears to keep them in place. They reach their maximum temperature after 3-5 minutes and you are supposed to wear them for around 20 minutes, but I just keep mine on until it cools. You’re not supposed to fall asleep with them on, but I actually use them to help me sleep – they work wonders!

These are so enjoyable to use, but I was really unimpressed with the scent of the Lavender ones as they don’t actually have any scent at all. I was expecting a really relaxing fragrance, but you don’t get anything from them, which is a shame. The Fragrance-Free ones are 100% worth getting however – especially in winter as they really heat you up.

Have you tried these before?

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