Your first reaction might be to turn your nose up at the thought of a second-hand Christmas present, but you’re missing a treat – Revolve research has shown that 4 out of 5 Scots would be happy to receive a pre-owned gift this Christmas. Quality second-hand items bought from Revolve-certified stores or re-use organisations make great, unique gifts and you can even turn some items that you might typically overlook in these stores into really personal presents. Revolve, Scotland’s national re-use quality standard, and Zero Waste Scotland have asked me to share my crafty DIY tips with you to help give you some ideas.

Zero Waste Scotland, who operate Revolve, aims to increase the re-use of products by dispelling myths, improving the professionalism of second hand stores and spreading the message that buying second-hand is not second-best. Visiting a Revolve store means that you can be confident that all the items have been checked for safety and quality. There are now 80 certified stores across Scotland, with high-street charity shop chain Capability Scotland having just been added and Sense Scotland stores to follow shortly.

Buying second hand is more environmentally-friendly, plus you can get greater quality items (that will last longer) for less money than you can from regular high street stores. There are so many ways that you can personalise some of these items too, to make them more special for your gift recipient. Here are some ideas if you are struggling for inspiration…

Teacups make great candles

If you come across a really pretty teacup in one of these stores, but are reluctant to buy it as a gift because you think it should be given as a set, go ahead and get it. Fill the cup with some melted soy wax, pop a wick in and you have a really unique candle.

Books are very emotive

Lots of people wouldn’t consider picking up a book that is slightly worn and would rather buy new from Amazon instead, but if you find a book that is special for someone you love or that contains a message in it’s tale that you want to pass on, a second-hand book with a handwritten inscription by you is such a beautiful gift. The fact that other people have read and learned from the book too is actually quite sentimental.

Give the gift of a treasure chest

Just about every house in the country could do with more storage, so if you find a quality wooden box or chest, it’s really worth investing in. Wooden items just aren’t made to the same standard anymore. If you don’t like the handles on it, or they don’t fit the style of the person you want to give it to, change them. You can completely transform a piece with new handles and they cost just a couple of Pounds at B&Q.

The old toys were the best

If you think that kids only want the latest whizzing, light-flashing toys, you’re wrong. Why not buy a toy for your child, niece or nephew that you loved when you were younger and tell them a story about your childhood. They will get just as much fun as you did from it and it will mean more to them too. Next time you are in a second-hand store, have a look through the toys to see if one sends you hurtling back to your past.

Have you found an item in a second-hand store that you absolutely love? Share your finds in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #secondhandfind.

This is a sponsored post with Zero Waste Scotland, but all opinions are my own.

Image Credits – WDnet Studio, Markle, Pixabay, FromSandToGlass, Javier Diaz

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