colourful Christmas baubles DIY

If you read my blogger sleepover post (here) yesterday, you’ll know that we had a brightly decorated Christmas tree at the event. I wanted to share with you a tutorial on how to make two multicoloured Christmas baubles – for an alternative to a traditional tree.

You can get everything you need to make these baubles from Hobbycraft. You will need: Clear Fillable Baubles 6 Pack* (£2), Paint Your Own Wooden Christmas Tree Decoration* (£1.50), Snowball Decorations* (£2), Christmas Sparkle Pom Pom Bumper Pack* (£4), Gold Alphabet Glitter Stickers* (£1.50), Green Glitter Shaker* (£1.50), Yellow Ready Mixed Paint* (£1), Ready Mix Paint Christmas 6 Pack* (£3.50) paintbrushes and PVC glue.

To make these sparkly festive tree decorations, paint the tree section green and the star yellow. Once dry, top the yellow star with the gold glitter paint and cover the green tree in a light layer of PVC glue, before sprinking the green glitter on top. When you trees are dry, glue on your pompoms in any colour combination that you fancy. Voila!

The featured tree is the Treetopia Frozen Fir Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree* (£358 from Treetopia). It looks very wintery and really makes the multicoloured baubles stand out. Sometimes its good to mix things up and go for a tree that’s not the standard green one you usually choose. It has built in lights which I loved, as one of my Christmas bug bears in untangling and putting up Christmas tree lights. I also hate fibre optic trees!

To make the clear pompom baubles, all you need to do is fill them with pompoms, screw them together, then put your name, initials or a Christmas message on the front with your glitter letter stickers. You really couldn’t get an easier crafty project.

What do you think of this tree and its multicoloured decorations? Is it a look that you’d go for?

This post contains press samples, but all opinions are my own.

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