Maskorea Sheet Masks

Maskorea masks come in a three-step treatment pack that includes a cleanser, a sheet mask and a night cream. There are three varieties and i’ve been trying out the Instant Glow Sheet Mask and the Too Many Late Nights Sheet Mask. They are a UK brand, created by two friends, one of  whom is Korean, who are inspired by Korean skincare.

Maskorea Too Many Late Nights Sheet Mask

The Maskorea Too Many Late Nights Sheet Mask (£7.99 from Maskorea) is designed to combat dehydrated and tired skin by brightening the skin, hydrating it and improving skin elasticity – perfect for the festive party season. It contains kiwi extract, lemon extract and Vitamin C. The pack contains three steps – a foaming cleanser (that actually feels really nice and isn’t drying on the skin), a serum-packed sheet mask that you wear for 30 minutes and a rich post-mask anti-aging collagen night cream – a complete regime to overhaul your skin. There isn’t really a scent to this, which I like and it made my skin feel really plump and soft. This is definitely a mask to use before bed as the excess serum, when massaged into the skin, feels a bit tacky. The cream is also very thick. When you wake up in the morning, you will definitely feel that you skin is softer, and that it looks healthier and more awake.

Maskorea Instant Glow Sheet Mask

The Maskorea Instant Glow Sheet Mask (£7.99), despite having the same night cream in its treatment pack, is actually more effective to use before a night out or special occasion. I just save the night cream for later. You get the same cleanser, but the mask has a serum that’s designed to hydrate your skin and feed it with nutrients to give it a real pick-me-up and brighten your skin tone. It’s packed with Hyaluronic Acid, minerals and collagen to give you plump and glowing skin. Using this (without the night cream) before you apply your own moisturiser, makes a great base for makeup. All of Maskorea’s masks are also formulated without any parabens, silicones and mineral oils.

Have you tried any of the Maskorea range before?

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