If you are into your makeup, you’ll have seen the SiliSponge (£8.05 from Molly Cosmetics Shop) all over the internet. It’s the hot way to apply your foundation at the moment and I just had to try it. It’s basically a silicone pebble, from Hong Kong, that looks and feels a bit like a miniature ‘chicken fillet’ that you fill your bra out with.

SiliSponge Review

The SiliSponge is designed to make you use less foundation as it doesn’t soak up any product like a traditional sponge applicator does. It is also incredibly quick and easy to wash as a result of this. You use the flat soft surfaces of the SiliSponge to spread the foundation over your face and pat it in and it’s supposed to give you flawless results. Does it work?

I tested it out with liquid foundation and with a cream/liquid highlighter to see how well it blends this out too. It takes a bit of getting used to, and a Beauty Blender sponge is definitely much easier, but it does work. I usually use at least three pumps of foundation, but with the Silisponge I only used one pump. If you want to be able to use less product or avoid the annoying cleansing of your normal sponges, this is definitely an option worth trying.

The smooth slippery surface of the Silisponge makes it incredibly quick to spread the foundation over your face, but it doesn’t blend it in well – trying to buff or blend with this will just make the product move around. It also leaves a lot of lines/track marks too. To get a flawless finish you need to tap the Silisponge over your face once you’ve spread out the foundation, to push the product into your skin. I then lightly went over again with my fingers, just to make sure all the bits around my nose and hairline etc were blended in. 

I’m really happy with the finish of it, but I do still much prefer my Real Techniques sponges or Beauty Blenders. I’m not too bothered about having to wash them or about product waste, so I won’t be reaching for a Silisponge first, even although I do like it.

When it came to the liquid highlighter, it didn’t fare so well as it ended up applying it over too wide an area. It’s so much easier to just use your finger or the pointed end of a Beauty Blender to apply liquid and cream highlighter, blusher and contour products.

Have you tried the SiliSponge before?

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