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Apologies that you are getting this week’s Face Mask Friday on a Sunday; but last week was a bit mental. I’m doing something different for this post from the usual FMF reviews – showing you how you can save a fortune on face masks; some of which i’ve reviewed before.

Latest In Beauty do beauty subscription boxes a bit differently from the likes of Look Fantastic* and Glossybox*. With Latest In Beauty you can choose the products in your box each month from a massive list of over 200 products that constantly updates. You can purchase a 3-product Beauty Novice (£9), 6-product Beauty Enthusiast (£15) or 9-product Beauty Guru (£18) box as a subscription or as a one-off (for a bit more).

I wanted to share the 6-product Beauty Enthusiast box that I just go myself as a one-off as I made a massive saving on the 5 sheet masks and one pack of cream masks that I chose. I got the hydrating Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask (worth £5), the 111Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask (worth £20) that I reviewed here, the anti-ageing and skin repairing Bio-Essence Bio-Energy Snail Secretion Repair Mask (worth £3.50), the Skimono Anti-Aging Beauty Mask (worth £14.95), the Anne Semonin The Daily Musts (worth £25) – a collection of one-use cream and clay masks to solve a range of skin woes – and the Dermovia Lace Your Face Calming Chamomile Mask (worth £8).

These come to a total of £76.45 worth of masks for just £15. What do think of this as a way of saving money on face masks? I think it’s a great way to discover new favourites too.

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