Tuesday, 7 February 2017


I'm back again today with more January favourites - this time of the fashion and lifestyle variety. There isn't as many favourites as normal, as I explained in yesterday's post that I had been really ill for the first half of the month. If I could put Penicillin in my monthly favourites for January, I definitely would.

My first favourite is a necklace from Scottish jewellery designer Linda McDonald. Her Moondance Necklace EM1Y* (£105 from Linda McDonald Jewellery) is Silver with a 9ct Yellow Gold moon on it. It has a little rabbit gazing up at the moon. I love this necklace as when I was very unwell mentally, I used to look up at the moon to remind myself that I was really just small in terms of the size of the world and that what I thought was huge at that moment, actually wasn't.

Skye Candles Lavender 3 Wick Candle
Skye Candles Lavender 3 Wick Candle

I've also been loving the giant three-wick Lavender candle from the Isle of Skye Candle Company. I've had this candle scent before, but in a smaller size. The large one really fills the room with the lovely smell much more and it has a longer burn time too - 45 hours. I burn this when I'm working as I find it very relaxing. 

Stickertopia The Flower Garden
Stickertopia The Flower Garden

Talking of relaxing, you'll know that I love adult colouring. Sometimes, however, I'm too tired for it; but i've found a great alternative. The Stickertopia - The Flower Garden (£9.99 from Amazon) sticker book contains pages of beautiful watercolour paintings that have lots of their detail missing. You then get hundreds of intricate floral stickers at the back of the book that you can enhance the painted images with. It's a sticker book for grown-ups - fabulous!

Finally, I read (or listen to as audiobooks) a good few novels per month. I want to share with you one that I loved recently - I actually finished it right at the end of December, but I'm featuring it here anyway. Good Girls Don't Die by Isabelle Grey (£7.99 via monthly subscription fron Audible) is a really good crime thriller that's the start of a new series. The main female police character is really interesting and relatable, so I think she'll work great in future stories. In this novel, it's about the investigation of the murders of young female students in a university town and you get a real insight into all the characters and how they solve the crime. It keeps you guessing along with the police. I listened to this as an audiobook from Audible - I love these as it really makes the story and characters come to life.

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