Nanshy Makeup Brushes

I wanted to share a Nanshy makeup brush review with you as these are the first products that I’ve tried from the brand. They, very luxuriously, come with their own silky dustbags and the brushes themselves are just as soft.

Nanshy Blush Brush

I have been trying out three brushes and i’m impressed. They are really quite affordable, but amazing quality for the price. The Nanshy Blush Brush (£9.95 from Nanshy) has a pearlescent white handle that is comfortable to hold. Like all of Nanshy’s brushes, it is cruelty-free and has synthetic Taklon bristles. These bristles don’t absorb a lot of product and help prevent bacteria build-up. The brush head is very soft and fluffy, but still sturdy enough to be able to blend well with it.

Nanshy Large Angled Contour Brush

Nanshy Eyeliner Brush

The Nanshy Large Angled Contour Brush (£8.95) is the perfect size for highlighting or contouring my cheekbones. It doesn’t disperse too much product and blends beautifully. The Nanshy Eyeliner Brush (£5.95) has a real precision tip so that you can get a really thin, accurate line with a gel liner. It makes doing a neat cat flick so easy. It’s also really good for applying powder eyeliner along your lower lash line for a smokey look.

Do you use any brushes from Nanshy?

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