Sephora Lip Masks

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in a while – I had a devastating bereavement and then I went to Los Angeles for a couple of weeks to try to help me deal with it and process it. However, I’m back today with a long overdue Face Mask Friday post. I’ve been trying out the lip masks from cult beauty store Sephora.

The Sephora Lip Masks ($3 each from Sephora) come in two varieties that each serve a different purpose. The Rose Lip Mask is designed to moisturise and soften, and the Shea Lip Mask is for protecting and repairing. Both, however, are very moisturising, plumping and soothing; not just to your actual lips, but to the area around them too.

Sephora Lip Masks

They are bio-cellulose masks (a thin, gel-like film) that are soaked in a serum containing natural ingredients e.g. Natural Rose Extract and Shea Butter. You wear the mask for 15 minutes, before peeling off to reveal softer and more nourished lips.

I really like these masks, as they are thinner and lighter to wear than a lot of other lip masks that i’ve tried. The Shea Lip Mask is perfect if you suffer from chapped lips, and I’d really recommend the Rose Lip Mask before you apply a matte liquid lipstick.

Have you tried these before? What did you think?

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