Primary Raw DoYou 2-Step Milk Peeling Kit

This is a really interesting Korean 2-step sheet mask and AHA acid peel, so I wanted to share it with you. It’s soy-based and is formulated according to centuries-old Korean traditions.

I found the Primary Raw DoYou 2-Step Milk Peeling Kit ($6 from Sephora) on the Sephora site and had to try it as it really intrigued me. As the name suggests, it’s a mask and treatment that has two stages.

AHA Milkpeel Cotton Ball

The first is the AHA Milkpeel Cotton Ball – a large cotton bud soaked in a milk-based Lactic acid which, when rubbed over the skin, will gently chemically exfoliate it to remove dead skin cells. It also brightens the skin, helps to even out skin texture and promotes collagen production. If you have acne, this is a great acid to use too. I would have preferred the first step of this mask-treatment to come as a pre-soaked cotton pad instead of a cotton bud, as it would have been much easier to cover your whole face effectively with this. It does work however and you will feel tingling, but not anything that uncomfortable.

Soy Milk Skin Fit Microfibre Mask

Once you have treated your skin with step one, the final step is the Soy Milk Skin Fit Microfibre Mask. This fibre sheet mask is infused with soothing soy milk, as well as green tea and rosemary leaf. Soy milk has been found to brighten the skin, reduce pigmentation issues and improve overall skin texture. Fermented soy milk like this also stimulates your skin’s Hyaluronic acid production – something which attracts moisture to the skin and locks it in. After the drying effect of the AHA in step one, you need this mask to soothe the skin and condition it. Wear the mask for 15 to 20 minutes then follow it with your usual moisturiser.

I would recommend trying this regularly (2-3 times per week) if you have skin pigmentation or texture issues, or you could just purchase seperate Alpha-Hydroxy Acid and sheet mask products that do the same job (which could cost a lot less in the long run). Always remember that if you use an AHA in your skincare routine, you must always wear an SPF when outside, as AHAs increase your sensitivity to sun damage.

Have you tried this mask-treatment before?

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