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Lyons Coffee Bags coffee

With UK Coffee Week starting on Monday (until 16th April 2017), Lyons Coffee asked me to share their new, revolutionary coffee bags with you. If you take the time every morning to brew yourself coffee, these will literally change the way you do it.

Lyons Coffee Bags coffee
Lyons Coffee Bags No3

Get all thoughts of  'instant coffee' out of your head - these foil-wrapped bags contains fresh, ground, roasted coffee and you can brew it by just popping the bag into your cup, adding boiling water and leaving it for just 3 minutes. You can also make a mean iced coffee with these bags without having to wait for your regular brewed coffee to cool down first every morning.

Quick iced coffee recipe
Quick iced coffee recipe

To make the iced coffee that I created using these bags, just steep one in a glass with a small amount of cold water for 5-7 minutes, remove the bag, add ice cubes, then pour in your milk. It's a no-hassle alternative to hot coffee, to make as you are getting ready to run out of the door to work in the morning.

There's no more perfect time than now for me to share these coffee drinks that I made with Lyons Coffee Bags with you, as UK Coffee Week is a nationwide celebration of the bean and it raises money for coffee growing communities. Lyons Coffee have partnered with Project Waterfall; giving money from the sales of their new coffee bags to this charity that provides clean drinking water to coffee growing communities in Africa.

Will you be trying these out?

This is a sponsored post with Lyons Coffee, but all opinions are my own.

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