diego dalla palma cruise 2017 collection

diego dalla palma is a makeup brand that seems to always remain somewhat under the radar, despite producing consistently good quality products. Their Cruise 2017 collection has everything from liquid eyeliner to bronzer and nail varnish. I’ve got, what I consider to be the highlights of the collection, to share with you.

diego dalla palma cruise 2017 long wearing eyeshadows

There are two lovely cream eyeshadow crayons in the collection. The diego dalla palma Long Wearing Eyeshadow* (£17 from M&S) in Gold Copper and Aquamarine are highly pigmented, smooth, and easy to apply. Once dry, they will stay in place all day without creasing. The crucial part of this last statement is the ‘once dry’ element. You do need to give these a bit of time to set in place; otherwise you will get quite bad creasing and smudging. They are worth it though, as the colours are stunning – especially the blue – and they have a really pretty metallic, shimmery look to them.

diego dalla palma cruise 2017 nail polish swatches

Next up, I am loving the nail varnishes in this collection. There are three shades – gold, red and aquamarine. Blue isn’t a shade for me when it comes to nail polish, but the other two are beautiful and will suit everyone. The Gold Copper Nail Polish* (£9.50) and Coral Bay Nail Polish* (£9.50) are quite pricey, but they do have a lovely, shiny finish and they are long-lasting.

diego dalla palma Cruise 2017 Passion Lip Stylos 236 & 238

diego dalla palma Cruise 2017 Passion Lip Stylos 236 & 238 swatches

diego dalla palma Cruise 2017 Passion Lip Stylos 238 swatch

Finally, I love the new diego dalla palma Passion Lip Stylos* (£17). There are three (shades 236, 237 and 238) and they are all orange-toned – from a subtle, balm-like, semi-transparent peach, to a vibrant opaque, semi-matte orange-red. They have basically made a way for everyone to rock an orange lip. My shade is definitely 238. The crayon format make them easy to apply and they feel really comfortable to wear too.

Have you tried diego dalla palma before?


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