Kocostar Sliced Masks Cucumber and Tomato

When I first saw these many months ago, I knew I had to try them. These mini sheet masks take multi-masking to a new level by creating packs that contain 12 round sliced fruit-sized sheets of serum-infused fibre (each fruit or vegetable has a different skin benefit) so that you can mix and max on your face and place them where you want them. Your chin needs some soothing, but your forehead needs hydrating? No problem! At least in principle…

Kocostar Sliced Masks packets

I picked up the Kocostar Sliced Masks in Cucumber (£4 from Beauty Bay) and the Kocostar Sliced Masks in Tomato (£4 from Beauty Bay). Aesthetically these are very pleasing as each slice is coloured and printed to resemble an actual slice of that fruit or vegetable. The idea also, on paper, sounds genius. It just doesn’t work that well in practice.

You are supposed to need 12 slices to cover your face, but this won’t be enough for lots of people. You can either use a whole pack (but where’s the fun in that), or you can mix and match from a few packs and do some multi-masking. The sheets are very hard to get out of the packet without getting stretched and scrunched up and there is no way to re-seal the packets for later use (essential if you are using several different ones at once). I found that if you just fold over the top, stick it closed with a hair clip and then refrigerate, the remaining sheets will be good to use the next day.

Kocostar slice mask sheets on face

This is a fun and different way to do a sheet mask, but it doesn’t work nearly as well as a full face mask. As you are working with smaller surface areas, the slices dry out much quicker than a full mask; and you are always going to have gaps of skin that isn’t covered. They do make your skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated; but I couldn’t distinguish between the effects of the two different slices. Cucumber is supposed to hydrate and brighten (via Vitamin C), and Tomato is designed to detoxify and add radiance (with Tomato Extract).

For the novelty factor, these could be good for a girl’s night in; but for practical and effective everyday use, just stick to doing a sheet mask the normal way. Have you had a different experience with these?


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