led light therapy mask

This reasonably affordable mask is a really interesting product. Despite what it says on the box, it’s not just for acne sufferers; so if you are into your skincare in general, keep reading.

Let’s start with what the target market of this mask is – acne sufferers. It uses clinically proven LED technology – red and blue LED lights – to filter through the skin to target acne at its source by attacking the bacteria. This reduces the appearance of breakouts, and if you do it every day, it should bring down the amount of acne on the skin as your skin heals itself over time. It’s worth noting though, that this is just a treatment for mild and moderate acne. Those with severe acne should see their doctors for specialised treatment.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask Activator unit

The Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask* (£59.99 from Boots) comes with a mask and a battery activator that lasts for 30 treatments and cannot be recharged. You keep hold of your mask, but if you want to continue with treatment, you need to purchase another 30-use activator (£14.99 from Boots). Each treatment lasts for 10 minutes and if you end one mid session, it will still count as a one full treatment use.

The mask says that it’s only suitable for those with acne. What Neutrogena means by this is that it isn’t of benefit to those without acne, not that it’s in any way unsafe. I disagree that it doesn’t have any benefits for those without acne. I don’t have acne – I occassionally get a few hormonal spots only – and I really like this mask. Let me tell you why! LED light therapy has long been used as an anti-ageing tool. Red LED lights have been scientifically-proven to reduce inflammation as well as fine lines and wrinkles. There is also evidence that they help to boost collagen and elastin production to firm your skin. Add to this the fact that LED light therapy increases the efficiacy of any skincare products you apply to your skin afterwards, and you are looking at a pretty helpful gadget to add to your anti-ageing skincare regime.

Have you tried this mask or other LED light therapy treatments?

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